The Vatican Gets “Happy”


“Happy” has been burning up the charts, and if you are one of the few people who find the Pharrell song annoying then you are not human. Today, a new video for the song has made its way onto the internet, but it does not have random singer attempting to cover the Despicable Me 2 song, rather you see nuns, priest and Catholics all dancing to the tune.

Very much like the videos like it that have been posted before, the tune is in the background while these religious people in Rome dance. The video is titled “Happy for 2PapiSanti” in honor of Pope Francis declaring Juan Pablo II and Juan XXIII saints on April 27. The Vatican has also revealed they will stream the coronation ceremony which will take place at St. Peter’s Square.

The #2PapiSanti” and “#2PopeSaints” hashtags are part of the church;s effort to help promote this event through social media.

Check out the video below and try not to sing and dance along with the song. Spoiler, it’s really hard.

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La Dispute Issue Statement About Kevin Whittemore’s Departure


During their hometown show, La Dispute guitarist Kevin Whittemore announced that he would leaving the band much to the sadness of the audience. At the time, there had been no reason as to why he would be leaving the band, but today, the group have released a statement about Whittemore’s departure.

Unlike many bands who see a member make an abrupt exit, La Dispute have nothing but the best things to say about Whittemore in the statement and tried to get to the fans before nasty rumors were to begin about the reason for his leaving. Apparently, he will be leaving the band to pursue a career in building guitars rather than playing them while a friend of the band’s will be taking his place in the line-up for the time being.

Read the full statement below:

“For those of you not present at either our Grand Rapids or our Cleveland show this past Sunday and Monday respectively (excepting of course close friends not in attendance who were privy to this information prior to the commencement of tour), Kevin has, after roughly ten years of standing to my left and playing guitar in La Dispute, decided to move on to pursue other endeavors. Unsurprisingly, he’s stepping only sideways in his passion, opting instead to pursue the building of beautiful guitars rather than to play guitar beautifully as a profession, enrolling in a luthiery school here in our home state of Michigan starting this summer.

As those of you forced to suffer through my sentimental speeches during his final two shows have already heard me say, it’s as difficult for us to see him step down as it must’ve been for him to commit to doing so, and our sadness in him leaving is surpassed only by our excitement for him in the future he has chosen. He is nothing short of truly remarkable human, and he has been a vitally important member of whatever this thing is since it’s earliest infancy and the remaining four members of it plus extended family are forever in debt for his contributions both as a musician and, more importantly always, as a dear friend. There’s already a Kevbo shaped hole in me and in all of us, and we’ll feel it forever, I know. There’s really nobody like him.

And of course, I speak only of that absence in the context of the van and on stage–we’ll all remain family till death. Anybody who was in attendance for the farewell hometown show and his final show knows that without a shred of uncertainty (the chants were unreal, thank you). In all honesty, we wouldn’t be posting this were it not to combat the internet’s nasty habit of misinformation. This was a decision made between Kevin and us, five friends who’ve done more together than we ever could’ve imagined all those years back in the warehouse of a hardware store in Grand Rapids, MI. So, best to Kevin in this public forum, thanks for everything. Be seeing you soon, bud.

-ld (Brad, Chad, Jordan, Vass, and Kevin Scott “Kevbo” Whittemore)

(In the meantime, our old friend Corey worked his ass off learning songs with Kev and will be joining us in Europe, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. Make him feel at home. He’s one of the best. Oh – And thanks for the fantastic photo Andy, you’re a good man.)”

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Stream fun.’s Record Store Day Contribution


With less than 24 hours before Record Store Day is slated to begin, one of the special records is currently streaming. Fun. had revealed that their contribution for the yearly event would be Point and Light which went on to become 2009′s Aim and Ignite.

The songs on the Record Store Day EP are the demo versions of the tracks that would go on to become their debut album. Currently, the full EP is being streamed and can be heard below, but for those looking for a physical copy of the five song record, all you need to do is head on over to your local independent record store tomorrow and see if the album is being sold.

Give it a listen.

While the Record Store Day EP is a nice gift, don’t count on fun. hitting the touring circuit anytime soon. The band have been busy taking a break from their three-year tour in support of their break out album, Some Nights. According to a recent interview with Rolling Stones after performing at the NCAA March Madness Festival, frontman Nate Ruess revealed that he is currently writing for what might become their next album and even admitted that when the band got back together for the NCAA show, it made him happy.

As for the other members of fun., it was recently revealed that Jack Antonoff has formed another musical group named Bleachers after he tried to keep it a secret. Bleachers would be his second “side project” band, his first being Steel Train.


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Watch the First ‘Jersey Boys’ Trailer


“Every legend has a beginning.”

That statement could not be anymore true and that’s how it all begins. Following in the footsteps of other Broadway musicals turned films such as Les Misérables and Mamma Mia!Jersey Boys has now been added to that growing list. 

The musical tells the story of how Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons came to be. The cast is made up of John Lloyd Young as Valli (he’s also the original Broadway performer for the role), Erich Bergen as keyboardist Bob Gaudio, Vincent Piazza as lead guitarist Tommy DeVito and Michael Lomenada as bassist Nick Massi. There’s also that role of gangster Angelo “Gyp” DeCarlo which will be played by Christopher Walken.

Like most musicals that have been transitioned to the big screen, many of the groups hit songs can be heard in the first official trailer. 

If you didn’t already know, the film will be directed by Hollywood heavy-hitter, Clint Eastwood; here’s hoping the film isn’t longer than the actual musical. Another tid-bit of information: Jersey Boys has been around since 2005 and still manages to have sold out shows.

Now that’s what you call legendary. 

Jersey Boys will hit theaters on June 20.

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Disney Release Album of Multilingual “Let it Go” Covers


Think you’ve heard every single version of Frozen‘s “Let it Go” that is available in the world?

Well, you might be wrong about that because it was revealed that Disney release a record which features 50 different versions of the hit song this past Tuesday (April 15). Originally sang by Idina Menzel (or Adele Dazeem, up to you), the song was first cover by pop star Demi Lovato before the film hit theaters and became a hands down hit following the onslaught of the world covering it and even crooning it out on the car.

Don’t lie, you’ve done it too.

The album will feature version of the song sang in different languages including Arabic, Dutch, Finnish, German Greek and many, many more. The album is currently available on Amazon and can be purchase there. Some behind-the-mic footage from the recordings has been made available; watch it now.

Frozen has now broken so many records, it’s hard to keep it in check. The soundtrack has spent ten weeks at number one on the Billboard 200, has gone platinum selling over 2.1 millions copies, made composer Robert Lopez the youngest person to become an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony winner) and parents are shelling out thousand so their children can get official Disney merchandise from the film.

When you have a hit, you have a hit. Lion King, beware, Elsa and Anna are coming for your title.

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Coldplay to Perform Six Intimate Shows Worldwide


Coldplay’s new album Ghost Stories isn’t due to be released for another month, but the band have already revealed plans to perform six intimate shows in support of the new tracks. 

The album, which came as a surprise to fans and casual listeners alike when the news broke, is due to be released on May 19. The six shows however, are six intimate show around the world, two which will be in the United States. 

On May 5, the band will play New York’s The Beacon which has a total of 2,900 seats and has seen many famous faces since its opening in 1929. The mother U.S. date will coincide with the album’s release. On the album’s release date the band will perform at the Royce Theater on the UCLA campus which features 1,800 seats and was also opened in 1929. as for tickets, no details have been revealed when the will go on sale. 

The other four intimate show dates will take place in Cologne, Germany on April 25, Paris on May 28, Tokyo on June 12 and their hometown of London on July 1 at the Royal Albert Hall. As for those ticket sales, the Germany show will go on sale on Saturday, April 19.

As for the rest of the dates, a spokesperson for promoter Live Nation said that information on tickets for the remaining five shows will be emailed exclusively to subscribers to the Coldplay mailing list which you can easily join on their website,

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My Chemical Romance Fans to Hold Raffle for Make A Wish Foundation


With crazy, obsessive My Chemical Romance fans slowly pushing one of the members of the band away from them, it makes the ten-year anniversary of their sophomore album Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge a little bittersweet.

Instead of mourning the loss of their favorite band any longer, members of the MCRmy, My Chemical Romance’s fan base, in the United Kingdom are taking this anniversary to heart and have decided to do something to celebrate the event.

Members of the U.K. fan club have sent out a call to all fans who would like to meet up at London’s Camden Barfly on June 7th. The meet up will double as a charity event, raising funds for the Make A Wish Foundation with actual merchandise from band members.

One of the things to be happening during the event will be a pre-release signing of a new My Chemical Romance book, “The True Lives of My Chemical Romance: An Insightful Biography.” The book was written by Kerrang! writer Tom Bryant who will be signing advance copies of his book, two weeks before its scheduled release. 

Former members Frank Iero and Ray Toro are in support of the event as well. Iero sent in an item to be raffled off while Toro had promoted the meet-up online.



Kerrang! has also added something to the raffle though they are not sponsoring the event. When the band won their last K! award, frontman Gerard Way accepted the award with a little drawing of two ghosts. That drawing will be another raffle object with all proceeds going to Make a Wish.


American MCRmy, it’s your move.

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