Coldplay share snippet of new song ‘Guns’

Coldplay is ready to get serious about gun control on their latest single.

On Wednesday (Nov. 6), the British band released a 30-second teaser from their upcoming new single “Guns.” Getting in touch with their inner Millennials and Gen Z-ers, the group took to Instagram to give fans a sneak peek at the new track.

Unlike its predecessors, “Guns” finds the foursome going in a folkier direction, a departure from the bubbly-fun sound of their previously released songs.

Listen to the 30-second snippet above.

“Guns” will join “Orphans,” “Arabesque,” and title track “Everyday Life” on Coldplay’s eighth studio album, Everyday Life. The upcoming release will be divided into two parts; Sunrise and Sunset.

Everyday Life is the long-awaited follow-up to 2015’s A Head Full of Dreams. Since then, Coldplay has released several EPs, including Kaleidoscope, Live in Buenos Aires, and Global Citizen-EP 1.

Everyday Life is due out Nov. 22 through Parlophone/Atlantic Records. Pre-orders are currently available for purchase and include several bundles to pick from, including CDs, vinyls, cassettes, and digital formats. The double record will reportedly have a runtime of 53 minutes.

To coincide with the album’s release, Coldplay previously announced that they will join forces with YouTube Originals for two exclusive performances. Titled “Coldplay: Everyday Life – Live in Jordan,” the event will stream live from Jordan on Nov. 22, the day of the album’s release.

The quartet’s performance will be divided into two; the Sunrise and Sunset. The Sunrise album will be performed at 4am GMT, while Sunset will take at 2pm GMT.

For fans who would like to be part of the broadcast, Coldplay just revealed how you can do that. All you need to do is watch this video and follow the direction.

See. Simple.

Watch: Coldplay share their bubbly music video for ‘Orphans’

We guess we can officially classify this past week as “the return of Coldplay.”

On Friday (Oct. 25), the British band kept their promise and unveiled the music video for “Orphans,” the first official single from their upcoming studio album.

The four-minute music video begins with a transcript of interaction and focuses on frontman Chris Martin as he sits on the steps of a building strumming away at his guitar. After a bit, the footage changes to incorporate the other members of the band.

The clip seems to follow the foursome as they perform the song in different locations. We watch them in the recording studio, in a garden, on the beach, and in a room that looks like it has seen better days.

For most of the video, the band is joined by a dance troupe who dance, cheer and have an all-around good time as the music plays on.

Watch the Mat Whitecross-directed music video for the song above.

Earlier this week, Coldplay confirmed the release of their new studio album. Titled Everyday Life, the record will be split into two sections; Sunrise and Sunset. “Orphans” can be found on the Sunset portion.

Everyday Life is the long-awaited follow-up to 2015’s A Head Full of Dreams. Since then, Coldplay has released several EPs, including Kaleidoscope, Live in Buenos Aires, and Global Citizen-EP 1.

On Thursday (Oct. 24), the foursome unveiled the 16-song tracklisting for the forthcoming studio effort. As if that wasn’t enough, they also unleashed the audio for “Arabesque,” which can be found on the Sunrise album.

Everyday Life is due out Nov. 22 through Parlophone/Atlantic Records. Pre-orders are currently available for purchase and include several bundles to pick from, including CDs, vinyls, cassettes, and digital formats. The double record will reportedly have a runtime of 53 minutes.

Before releasing the much-anticipated record, Coldplay will take the stage at “Saturday Night Live” for the sixth time. The quartet will take over the sketch comedy show’s stage on Nov. 2 the same day “Charlie’s Angels” star Kristen Stewart is set to host.

Katy Perry takes to the Hawaiian roads in ‘Harleys in Hawaii’

Katy Perry is taking a ride on the wild side…well kind of.

On Wednesday (Oct. 16), the California girl unveiled the music video for her latest single “Harley in Hawaii.” Staying true to the name of the track, the pop star is seen riding around the road of Hawaii on a motorcycle flanked by two companions.

The group ends up at a random bar for some drinks when a random fight breaks out. Instead of getting involves, Perry is seen chuckling and taking a sip of her drink before heading to the small stage to sing some karaoke.

The rest of the clip features the singer chilling on the beach with her love interest (“Teenage Dreams” vibes anyone?) and hanging out with her girlfriends in a hotel room with a stripper pole, hula hoops, and Perry’s favorite snack, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

So, where did the inspiration for the song come from?

A Hawaiian getaway to the magical string of islands.

“What do you get when you rent a motorcycle for a weekend with your boyfriend in Hawaii? A love song, of course,” Perry posted on Twitter.

The music video was directed by Barcelona-based studio Manson. Watch the clip above.

The track was co-written by Perry, Charlie Puth, Johan Carlsson, and Jacob Kasher. If the lineup looks familiar, it’s because all four co-wrote Perry’s previously released single, “Small Talk.”

“Harleys in Hawaii” is the third “standalone” single Perry has released in 2019. Earlier this year, the singer released the dog competition-centric music video for “Small Talk,” her flower child-inspired clip for “Never Really Over,” and “365” her creepy robot love story with Zedd.

No word on whether these songs will be featured on her still-not-confirmed sixth studio album. Perry’s last full-length album was 2017’s Witness.

Harry Styles shares his first new song in two years

Hello Harry Styles, and welcome back.

On Friday (Oct. 11), the musician (finally) unleashed his first new song in two years. Titled “Lights Up,” the track serves as the first single off his yet-to-be-titled sophomore album.

To coincide with the song’s release, the former One Direction member unleashed the dirty and steamy video for the tune. The barely-three-minute clip primarily features a shirtless (and sweaty) Styles dancing and grinding on couples in what appears like some kind of orgy.

In between shots of the singer working his way through the sweaty crowd, the viewer watches as Styles rides on the back of a motorcycle, is isolated in a stark white mansion, and yes, there appears to be a slight “Sign of the Times”/debut album cover art reference with the singer suspended over pink-toned water.

Watch the music video for “Lights Up” above.

“Lights Up” was co-written and produced by Tyler Johnson and Kid Harpoon, who also worked with Styles on his debut album.

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Styles also unveiled that his much-anticipated follow-up to 2017’s self-titled was recorded in six weeks at Rick Rubin’s Shangri-La in Malibu.

“We were here for six weeks in Malibu, without going into the city,” he tells the publication. “People would bring their dogs and kids. We’d take a break to play cornhole tournaments. Family values!”

When asked about the direction of the album, Styles also revealed that the collection will feature some of the “toughest, most soulful songs” he’s written.

“It’s all about having sex and feeling sad.”

Now that’s an album, we’re definitely ready to hear.

Fitz and the Tantrums yearn for the days of ‘boomboxes and CDs’ on ‘OCD’

Do you remember back in the day when you had to lug huge cases of CDs with you anywhere you went because mp3 players were some “Star Trek”-level devices?

Well, Fitz and the Tantrums are definitely reminiscing about those days on their latest single.

On Friday (Oct. 4), the Los Angeles-founded band unleashed the lyric video for “OCD.” The lyrics are a blast from the past as it makes reference to boomboxes, CDs, and Case Logic (aka one of the biggest makers of CD cases).

Because the lyrics weren’t enough to give you some serious “Flashback Fridays” vibes, the lyric video itself may do the trick. The clip looks like it was shot through a camcorder while the footage is a blend of subdued neon colors that scream “THE 80s!”

“This one’s for everyone who used to have cases and cases of CDs from their favorite bands,” the band tweeted earlier in the day.

Watch the lyric video for “OCD” above.

“OCD” is featured on Fitz and the Tantrums’ recently released studio album All the Feels. The sextet’s fourth studio effort was released in September through Elektra Records. Before its early fall debut, several singles were released including “I Just Wanna Shine,” “All the Feels,” “I Need Help!,” “Don’t Ever Let Em,” and “123456.”

All the Feels is the long-awaited follow-up to 2016’s Fitz and the Tantrums.

In support of the recently released album, the sixsome will embark on the All the Feels Winter 2020 headlining tour.

The cross-country trek begins Feb. 7 at the First Council Casino in Newkirk, Oklahoma, and concludes a month or so later on March 13 at the Majestic Ventura Theater in Ventura, California.

Electro-pop group TWIN XL will join Fitz and the Tantrums for the full excursion.

Tickets and the full tour itinerary can be found here.

Listen: Ice Nine Kills slow things down for the acoustic version of ‘Stabbing in the Dark’

We all know Ice Nine Kills bring the energy and the scream when it comes to their music, but what if they were to slow things down a bit?

On Friday (Oct. 4), the Massachusetts-founded band unleashed the acoustic version of their “Halloween”-inspired song, “Stabbing in the Dark.” Gone are frontman Spencer Charnas’ screams, and in are his melodic vocals singing the screaming parts softly. The track also features guest vocals from Trivium singer/guitarist Matt Heafy.

To coincide with the acoustic track’s debut, the band unveiled its simplistic music video. The almost four-minute video finds a very 1950’s-ish family gathered around their television screen to watch a sepia-toned program. The broadcast features a montage of clips from all The Silver Scream music videos as well as footage of Charnas behind bars (where he rightfully belongs thankyouverymuch).

Like a true split between generations, the mother and father are disgusted by the scenes playing on the screen while the children are all for it. Of course, leave to Ice Nine Kills to slip in a little cliffhanger at the end with the “Stay Tuned for the Double Feature ‘Thank God It’s Friday’” title card.

Watch the video for “Stabbing in the Dark (Acoustic)” above.

Last week, the band shared the music video for their “IT”-inspired song, “IT is the End“; the final music video in their The Silver Scream film series.

The acoustic version of “Stabbing in the Dark” will be featured on the deluxe version of The Silver Scream due out just in time for Halloween.

The reworked record will feature all 13 previously released tracks as well as a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and a song inspired by the 1996 slasher flick “Scream.”

The Silver Scream (Final Cut) is due out Oct. 25. Pre-orders are available here.

In support of the re-released work, Ice Nine Kills previously announced a set of fall tour dates. The “Octane Accelerator” tour begins on Oct. 29 at the House of Blues in Cleveland and concludes a little over a month later on Dec. 1 at Webster Hall in New York.

The full list of dates can be found here.

Watch Foster the People hit up sketchy alleyways in ‘Pick U Up’

The week is officially coming to an end and Foster the People are celebrating by releasing a brand new music video.

On Friday (Oct. 4), the Los Angeles-founded act shared the three-and-a-half-minute clip for their latest single “Pick U Up.”

The music video begins with a guy playing Mahjong with a group of older gentlemen on a sidewalk in front of what looks like a Chinese restaurant or bodega. After winning the game, the older gentlemen begin to accuse him of cheating when he takes off running, away from his accusers with a bag of goods.

He makes his way across town to a sketchy alleyway where he knocks on a door only to be greeted by burly guys with tattoos. In a situation that could have ended badly for the guy, a woman luckily shows up, confirming to the tattooed bunch that he’s a friend.

The protagonist exchanges his Mahjong winnings for two silver briefcases which, we later find out, house two pairs of skates. As the video progresses, we watch the duo don the skates and show off some impressive moves to a bar full of customers.

Watch the Mark Foster-directed clip for “Pick U Up” above.

A fan on Twitter made an observation about the new song stating that it sounds like it was inspired by Courtney Barnett.

“‘Pick U Up’ by Foster the People sounds like it’s Courtney Barnett inspired,” the fan posted on the social media site.

Well, Foster was quick to reply, confirming the fan’s theory.

“Good ear. I was thinking that as I was writing the second verse,” Foster admits.

“Something about the tonally spoken cadence. Love Courtney Barnett.”

“Pick U Up” follows a string of other non-album singles the group has released over the last year. Those tracks include “Imagination,” “Style,” and “Worst Nites.”

While fans have been asking non-stop about the status of the band’s follow-up to 2017’s Sacred Hearts Club (because that’s what fans do), Foster revealed that the group was going to do something different this year with their new tunes.

“We’re going to be dropping music every 6 weeks or so. Instead of dropping an album, we are doing something different this year; dropping singles, that’s the goal,” the singer said during a live chat.

Watch Charlie Puth mourn a failed relationship in ‘Cheating on You’

Charlie Puth may not be giving us a new studio album any time soon, but we’re still grateful for all the standalone singles he’s been blessing us with. On Tuesday (Oct. 1), the New York-born singer unleashed his third new track of 2019.

Titled “Cheating on You,” the song was self-produced by the musician and co-written with J. Kash. To coincide with the song’s release, Puth also unleashed its accompanying music video.

The three-and-a-half-minute tune begins with a title card in which Puth admits that “this song is not about a person. It’s about a feeling I’ve never had.”

Kind of suspicious, but we’ll let it slide.

The shot soon changes to a rainy day in New York City as people go about their business, umbrellas opened, protecting them from the elements. We watch as the newly bleach-blonde singer takes to the streets, his overall appearance mirroring the melancholy look of the city.

Puth’s stroll through the neighborhood finds him mindless wandering through the construction-infested streets, Central Park, and eventually a diner where he watches a happy couple cuddling through a mirror. But, this is (somewhat) real life, and when you cheat on someone, there’s no proper resolution as we watch Puth’s mood not once shift from crestfallen.

Watch the Tyler Yee-directed music video above.

“Cheating on You” follows the release of “Mother” which came out in mid-September and “I Warned Myself” which he unleashed in late August.

All three tracks come a year after Puth released his Grammy-nominated sophomore album Voicenotes. The record features some of his biggest hits to date including “Attention,” “How Long,” “The Way I Am,” and “Done for Me” featuring Kehlani.

In between writing and producing his own tunes, Puth has been busy lending a helping hand to some of his fellow Top 20 colleagues.

You can find Puth’s influence in many tracks including Katy Perry’s “Small Talk,” 5 Seconds of Summer’s “Easier,” Maroon 5’s “Lips on You,” and Michael Bublé’s “Love You Anymore.”

Bring in the clowns; Ice Nine Kills channel IT with brand new music video

Well, guys, it looks like IT really is the end for Ice Nine Kills…or is it?

On Tuesday (Sept. 24), Massachusetts-founded band unleashed the music video for “IT is the End.” As the title of the song hints, this is the final installment of their theatrical music videos based off tracks from their recently released record, The Silver Scream.

The video begins with frontman Spencer Charnas throwing a full-fledge tantrum after a performance (it looks like the final Warped tour to us) when his lack of communication and skittish behavior get pointed out. Instead of touching that subject, plays it off as nothing.

After a graphic indicating that this is part five of their series, we are once again introduced to Spencer’s narcissistic shrink. Sitting in his office, the doctor receives a new bulletin announcing that Spencer’s bandmates Justin Morrow and Justin DeBlieck are missing (this is not lost on fans since both have been MIA in real life).

The doctor finally receives a package from Spencer’s former shrink who includes video footage of a session. In it, Spencer gets aggressive, attacking the doctor. As Doctor Black calls out for his assistant, a hooded figure shows up, knocks him out and kidnaps him.

This is what happens when you “want to play a game.”

When the “good” doctor wakes up, he’s chained up next to Spencer in some abandoned funhouse. There’s an exchange of words with Spencer revealing that Black will probably die and he’ll “get Misery.”

Yes. “Misery.” Like the 1990 film based off ANOTHER Stephen King novel, so no real shock there.

Cue ALL the “IT” references with Spencer decked out as Tim Curry’s version of Pennywise. In between “IT” reference, you can definitely catch some shots that have some serious “Drag Me to Hell” and “House of 1000 Corpses” vibes.

But if you thought this video wouldn’t have a real storyline, here’s the kicker; it’s a revenge story. And you know what they say about karma.

Check out the music video for “IT is the End.”

“IT is the End” is the conclusion to the band’s The Silver Scream series. The series includes “The American Nightmare,” “Thank God It’s Friday,” “Stabbing in the Dark,” and “A Grave Mistake.”

All these tracks are featured on the band’s horror film-inspired album The Silver Scream. The record, the act’s fifth full-length album, was released on October 2018.

Late last month, the band announced plans to release a deluxe version of the record. The reworked album will feature all 13 previously released tracks as well as a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and a song inspired by the 1996 slasher flick “Scream.”

In support of the re-released work, Ice Nine Kills previously announced a set of fall tour dates. The “Octane Accelerator” tour begins on Oct. 29 at the House of Blues in Cleveland and concludes a little over a month later on Dec. 1 at Webster Hall in New York. The full list of dates can be found here.

Watch Green Day take the dancy route in ‘Father of All…’ music video

Green Day are proving they are still the father(s) of all motherfuckers.

On Friday (Sept. 20), the California punk rockers unleashed the music video for their recently released single “Father of All…” The two-and-a-half-minute music video features the band —decked out in black and gold attire— performing in front of a red-lit background. Hidden in the shadows is an array of dancers giving the video a very “Chicago”-esque feel.

In between the shots of the band is footage of random people dancing circa different decades. While the video focuses on dancing, the clip also features some mosh pits, wrestling, and even a gorilla having a heck of a time in a kiddie pool.

“We wanted to make something about dancing. Anxiety. Tribalism. Joy.. and straight-up violence. It’s the history of us. Meaning all of us,” Green Day posted on Instagram.

But if for some reason you feel like all the dancing was choreographed, you’d be wrong…at least according to the trio.

“None of this is choreographed..(except the hotties in red) we don’t need to be choreographed,” the group jokes.

Watch the video for “Father of All…” above.

“Father of All…” is the first single off Green Day’s upcoming 13th studio album Father of All…The forthcoming release is due out Feb. 7 via the band’s longtime home of Reprise Warner.

The music video comes a week after Green Day announced not only the release of the new album but also a massive summer 2020 tour with Fall Out Boy and Weezer. Even though the Hella Mega world tour isn’t set to happen until next summer, tickets for the tour are already on sale and going fast.

We’re going to suggest getting yours ASAP.