New ‘X-Factor’ Judges Revealed


In what might come as no surprise to anyone who has been keeping up with the revolving door of judges on FOX, it looks like The X-Factor has finally confirmed that two new judges will be making their debut next season.

Taking the place of Britney Spears and mega-producer LA Reid will be Kelly Rowland and Mexican singer Paulina Rubio. Rowland is most known for being one-third of Destiny’s Child alongside Sasha Fierce herself, Beyonce while Rubio is mostly known for her volatile attitude.

This isn’t the first time that the show has gone through a renovation in the judges’ department. Before Spears and Reid joined the panel with Simon Cowell and pop star, Demi Lovato, Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger had the job, but due to lackluster rating, they were given the boot.

“It’s taken more than a decade but I’m delighted to finally be on a panel with three girls (I think!). Paulina and Kelly both have great taste and massive experience in the music industry and together with Demi, this is going to be a fun panel. It just feels like the time to do something different,” Simon Cowell said in a statement.

This isn’t the first time that Rowland will be taking a seat as a judge for The X-Factor; she made an appearance on The X-Factor UK back in 2011.

Demi Lovato to Return to ‘X-Factor’


Many were speculating that pop star, Demi Lovato would be leaving The X-Factor after the season ended. Fellow judges, L.A. Reid and Britney Spears both said, ‘see you later’ to the series once the season had come to an end.

Spears was apparently voted out because she was too boring of a judge and thought that it was time to concentrate more on what she is famous for, putting out decent albums (let’s pretend that Scream and Shout song doesn’t exist, okay?). L.A. Reid on the other hand, decided to leave on his own accord to concentrate on his day job, being the chairman of Epic Records.

Lovato was believed to be following in her fellow judges’ path, but it looks like she will once again be joining Simon Cowell at the judges’ table for season three of the show.

“She’s a superstar in her own right and was a fantastic mentor last year,” Cowell said in a press release. “Even though she can be really, really annoying – I truly enjoyed working with her and so did the artists.”

No definite date has been given for the return of The X Factor, but the show will be back sometime in the Fall.

Musical Spoof of ‘The X Factor’ Hitting London

Simon Cowell

Just when you thought that Simon Cowell was nothing more than a pile of muscles in a tight black t-shirt and attitude, here’s a surprise. The super producer will be bringing a version of his hit show, The X Factor from the television screens to the stage on London sometime in 2014.

The judge’s company, Syco Entertainment, will co-produce  a musical spoof written by Harry Hill and directed by Sean Foley about the televised singing competition. Both Syco and Stage Entertainment both say that X Factor: Time to Face the Musical is supposed to be an “affectionate poke” at the talent show. The show will also feature 19 new songs, but cast and location for it are yet to be determined.

For someone who comes off as such a hardass, it nice to see that under all that rough exterior, there’s a jokester. Kudos, Cowell!