Watch Fall Out Boy’s Dramatic Fan Confessions Reading


T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring, well maybe a creature was stirring and by a creature we mean all four guys from Fall Out Boy.

Over the weekend, the band discovered a Tumblr blog dedicated to fan confessions about them which only gave the guys the great idea of recording a dramatic reading of some of them. If you couldn’t guess, hilarity did in fact ensued.

Check out the video below and laugh until you can’t anymore, especially during Patrick’s last reading.

Fall Out Boy will be releasing their new studio album, American Beauty/ American Psycho on Jan. 20 through Island/DCD2. the record features lead single “Centuries” as well as recently released tracks, “American Beauty/ American Psycho” and “The Kids Aren’t Alright.”

Fall Out Boy are also salted to make an appearance on Pitbull’s New Year’s Eve show, Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution on FOX next Wednesday. Last we heard, they will be performing a couple of songs on the show.

Lorde Sings ‘South Park’ Parody Song


You know you’ve made it when South Park starts making fun of you on their show.

Last week, the show took aim at Lorde which turned out to be actually be 45-year-old geologist Randy Marsh in disguise, all so he could have access to the glorious women’s bathroom.

No matter the jokes, it looks like the real Lorde is taking it all in stride and expressed her love of the episode.

This is actually surprisingly cute — and from what I can tell also has a message of transgender acceptance (I’m still very new with this type of humor so I’m not sure if was actually genuine but it seemed so to me),” she wrote on her Instagram.

In the episode, “Lorde” takes the stage, with a mustaches and huge hair, and sings a song titled “I Am Lorde Ya Ya Ya” which funny enough, the lyrics to the short song.

While being interviewed on New Zealand’s TV3, the songstress showed her appreciation for the parody, once again, by singing the chorus of the song.

Check out the short, and we mean really short (like three seconds), video below and then indulge in the original version of straight from South Park.

Watch 50 Cent Go All ‘MaleFiftyCent’


50 Cent was probably the worst person in the history of the MLB to throw out the first pitch at a game, but even the rapper got a laugh out of it, claiming his crappy pitch was due to “extensive masturbation.”

Now, the rapper is back with something new for fans and haters a like that is also very funny, his own version of the box office’s hit film, Disney’s Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie. His parody, titled MaleFiftyCent, was all for Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show, Jimmy Kimmel Live.

With a tagline like “Get witch or die trying” and the hip-hop remixed version of the story, of course all we can do is sit back and laugh.

Musical Spoof of ‘The X Factor’ Hitting London

Simon Cowell

Just when you thought that Simon Cowell was nothing more than a pile of muscles in a tight black t-shirt and attitude, here’s a surprise. The super producer will be bringing a version of his hit show, The X Factor from the television screens to the stage on London sometime in 2014.

The judge’s company, Syco Entertainment, will co-produce  a musical spoof written by Harry Hill and directed by Sean Foley about the televised singing competition. Both Syco and Stage Entertainment both say that X Factor: Time to Face the Musical is supposed to be an “affectionate poke” at the talent show. The show will also feature 19 new songs, but cast and location for it are yet to be determined.

For someone who comes off as such a hardass, it nice to see that under all that rough exterior, there’s a jokester. Kudos, Cowell!