Watch the Latest Season Three ‘Orphan Black’ Trailer

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

That was probably the reaction many Orphan Black fans had at the end of last season when the massive twist was the revelation that there are male clones also on the loose.

With over a month left until the season three premiere of the hit BBC America show, a new trailer has surfaced online whether it was to sedate the fans for s short time or get them more excited, we aren’t sure.

The trailer gives us a lot of information including Sarah confronting Siobhan about “betraying her sister” as well as meeting a male clone.

Then there’s Helena, who was kidnapped at the end of last season, threatening the life of another male clone while locked in a box (not a good thing to do to a psycho, FYI).

And then there’s Cosima who in one part is on the phone with someone and tells them that they can only trust each other. Funny enough, before the trailer ends, she tell someone in the lab that she “learned from DYAD that secrets are power.” What secrets are you keeping, our dear Cosima?

While Alison and the now pirate-eyed Rachel are in the trailer briefly, they don’t exactly contribute much to the story of the trailer.

Check out the one minute clip below.

Season three of Orphan Black returns to BBC America on Saturday, April 18 at 9 p.m. ET.

Two New ‘Orphan Black’ Teasers Surface

Orphan Black returns to a television near us in a couple of months and the people behind the science-centric show are doing their best to keep their fans glued to any internet capable device they have.

Today, not one, but two teaser were released for the upcoming third season of the hit show.

Following the original teaser which featured original clone Sarah Manning, each teaser is specific to a clone. The first new teaser features bubbly, soccer mom, Alison on the phone telling the caller that if they mess with the “Hendrixes they will get their butts kicked” something we’re sure she could do.

She also informs all onlookers, through a statically television, that she is “not anyone’s toy.”

The second new teaser features everyone’s favorite nutjob and “seestra” Helena. The images from her clip include flashbacks from the past season when she was kidnapped and a new shot of her in a jail cell with Paul babysitting her.

Similar to what Alison said, Helena tells the world that she is “not their weapon.”

Orphan Black returns to BBC America on April 18, but if you’re still itching for more on the show, follow their official Instagram where scenes from the upcoming season will be posted.

‘Orphan Black’ Teaser Reveals “You Don’t Own Me”


“You don’t own me.”

That pretty much summarizes Sarah’s reaction on Orphan Black when she found out that she was a scientific experiment and that Doctor Leekie and the DYAD Institute wanted her to sign that contract at the end of season one.

Now, with season three already in production, we have gotten the first teaser. Before you get excited for the teaser, we would like to point out that there is no actual footage from the upcoming season and it’s really all about that one cell multiplying from one to a lot. Kind of the whole idea behind the cloning.

But don’t get too angry at the people behind the series; the first official trailer will premiere this Saturday, Nov. 8, during the season finale of Doctor Who on BBC America,.

Like the trailer left it, Orphan Black‘s return date has not been given, just a simple “coming soon.” Though it was already confirmed it will be coming back in 2015 and we’re going to take a shot in the dark and assume it might return in April since that’s the same time season two premiered earlier this year.

‘Once Upon A Time’ Returns With Flying Monkeys


After taking a three-month break, Once Upon A Time is back.

The last time we saw the fairy tale-inspired show, the gang had just defeated the villainous Peter Pan, but that also came with some consequences; everyone in the town of Storybrooke was sent back to their rightful homes. Once again, the Charmings were separated, but Emma and Henry did happen to stay together this time around.

Of course, not everything with the mid-season finale was tied up nicely with a bow as Emma and Henry had their minds wiped of Storybrooke and

In a new sneak peek released exclusively to Entertainment Weekly, we see Snow White and Regina being attacked by Flying Monkeys; yes, one in the same as the ones from The Wizard of Oz which is fitting because it had already been revealed that the Wicked Witch of the West will have a key role.

Check out the sneak peek below and don’t forget, Once Upon A Time returns to its 8 p.m. time slot this Sunday, March 9 on ABC.

‘Sherlock’ Season Three Trailer Premieres


When fans of Sherlock last saw the iconic detective last season, he was taking a nose dive off of a building much to the dismay (understatement) of all loyal fans and of course his close companion/friend, John Watson. The trailer for the new and highly anticipated season made its way onto the internet, proving what fans have been saying since that episode: Sherlock Holmes is not dead.

The barely 30 second clip, shows how each of the characters of the series react when they find out that Holmes is indeed not dead like dear Mrs. Hudson while doing the dishes, Molly sees his reflection, Detective Lestrade in a dark corridor, Holmes’ older brother Mycroft in his office  and of course Watson while sitting in a restaurant (with a snazy new mustache).

Sherlock is schedule to premiere sometime this year on BBC, but in the US, it’s not schedule to premiere until 2014 on PBS Masterpiece. But let’s be honest, knowing die-hard fans in the US, it will be seen within an hour of its BBC premiere.

Demi Lovato to Return to ‘X-Factor’


Many were speculating that pop star, Demi Lovato would be leaving The X-Factor after the season ended. Fellow judges, L.A. Reid and Britney Spears both said, ‘see you later’ to the series once the season had come to an end.

Spears was apparently voted out because she was too boring of a judge and thought that it was time to concentrate more on what she is famous for, putting out decent albums (let’s pretend that Scream and Shout song doesn’t exist, okay?). L.A. Reid on the other hand, decided to leave on his own accord to concentrate on his day job, being the chairman of Epic Records.

Lovato was believed to be following in her fellow judges’ path, but it looks like she will once again be joining Simon Cowell at the judges’ table for season three of the show.

“She’s a superstar in her own right and was a fantastic mentor last year,” Cowell said in a press release. “Even though she can be really, really annoying – I truly enjoyed working with her and so did the artists.”

No definite date has been given for the return of The X Factor, but the show will be back sometime in the Fall.