Senses Fail to perform ‘From the Depths of Dreams’ in full during their upcoming fall tour

If you never thought you’d get the chance to see Senses Fail play From the Depths of Dream in full, then things are about to change for you, my friends. On Tuesday (June 4), the New Jersey-founded band announced upcoming tour dates for the fall where they will play the 2002 release in its entirety.

The forthcoming outing will find the band performing across North America throughout September and October. The 32-stop trek will include gigs in Oklahoma City, St. Paul, Tampa, Atlanta, Nashville, Boston, Philadelphia, Omaha, Denver, and their previously confirmed appearance at this year’s Riot Fest.

Senses Fail’s fall tour begins on Sept. 7 at the Lowbrow Palace in El Paso and concludes on Oct. 19 at the House of Blues in San Diego. Special guests Hot Mulligan and Yours Truly will join Senses Fail throughout the excursion.

VIP and presale tickets are now available for purchase. General ticket sales begin this Friday, June 7.

The new tour announcement comes a week after the band was confirmed as one of the acts playing this year’s Riot Fest Chicago. As with previous years, the music festival revealed that several groups on the roster will perform some of their biggest albums in full.

Senses Fail was confirmed to be one of those bands. Their set will include From the Depths of Dreams as well as 2004’s Let it Enfold You.

From the Depths of Dreams was originally released in August 2002 as a six-song EP. Upon its success, the band signed with Drive-Thru Records who reissued the album in April 2003 with the addition of two new tracks.


Watch the latest trailer for ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Tales as old as time is right. After what feels like years of waiting, the first official trailer for the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast has been unveiled. On Monday (Nov. 14), Disney unleashed the trailer which features many scenes taken directly from the 1991 animated film as well as the iconic music. From Belle finding her father in the dungeon in the Beast’s castle (and making a deal with the hairy prince) to the iconic ballroom scene, those awaiting the 2017 film are given a snapshot of what to expect. We also can’t forget Luke Evans showing off his narcissist Gaston, because, what a man that Gaston. Check out the trailer for the upcoming film below.

Beauty and the Beast is set to hit theaters on March 17, 2017. The film stars a slew of big name actors including Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Josh Gad, Emma Thompson, Kevin Kline, Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen, Stanley Tucci.

Man Overboard Announce Hiatus


Man Overboard’s goal from the beginning has been to always “defend pop-punk.” Sadly, it looks like the “war” has taken a toll on the New Jersey band. On Thursday (Jan. 28), the group revealed that they will be going on hiatus once their upcoming tour dates wrap. Taking to the internet, they broke the news about the break.

In a letter, they write about all the good and random times they’ve had and how the band has become everything they ever hoped it would be. Instead of giving bad details or a real reason for the hiatus, they do inform their followers that their “current plans are very few and will likely remain that way for a while.” They also urge those reading the post not to read too much into the hiatus and think that there’s something there that really isn’t. Read the band’s complete post below.

“We have spent the last 7+ years tirelessly building Man Overboard into something that we all love and are proud of, from booking our first tours and hand numbered copies of the Hung Up On Nothing EP to touring the world and making albums with producers we never thought we’d meet. We put our hearts and souls into this band because it’s something we believe in. Whether we were being detained in a desolate Russian train station after illegally trying cross the border to the Ukraine or walking off stage after a sold out show, our friendship and love for everything this band has afforded us is what makes us want to be a part of Man Overboard forever.

This band has been and will always be something that we hold close to our hearts, not only because it has transformed and shaped us as people but because of how we know how it has affected other people’s lives, be it in a large or small way. Joe Strummer said “Without people you’re nothing” and we know that the support of our friends, families and fans helped guide us to where we are today.

Our current plans are very few and will likely remain that way for a while. Don’t read into it. Don’t think it’s something it’s not. This Spring we will be playing eight shows in the United States. Farewell for now.”


Man Overboard released their recent album, Heavy Love, back in June of 2015 through Rise Records.

Members of Emmure Leave Band, Form New Group

Over a decade after their inception, Emmure is down to one band member. On Tuesday evening (Dec. 22), news broke that all the members of the metalcore band had left the group with only frontman Frankie Palmeri remaining. At the time of the announcement, there was no reason given as to why four out of the five members, which include bassist Mark Davis, guitarist Jesse Ketive, guitarist Mike Mulholland, and drummer Adam Pierce, left abruptly.

In an interview with Alternative Press shortly after the news was made public, Davis revealed the real reason and when the actual decision to bow out of the group was made. “The four of us made the decision to leave the band pretty much immediately after finishing our set on September 9 in Russia,” Davis begins. “It was our first string of shows back (Ghostfest in Leeds, and two headlining shows in Russia) since taking most of spring and all of summer off to allow Frankie’s vocal cords to heal, which he injured during the ‘Stronger Than Faith Tour.’ We all expected to come back to a refreshed, productive and positive work environment, but that was not the case.”

“We had no plans to ‘dismantle’ prior to actually doing it,” Davis admits. “We did, however, have plans for a new album and new label. After Russia, we were supposed to go to Japan for shows, and then come back home and get to work. Since then, we’ve just been waiting for the announcement to happen so that we can move on with our lives and our careers in music.”

But being bandless didn’t last very long. According to Davis, Ketive, Mulholland, Pierce, and himself already have plans to create a new band and put out music through that venture. The idea is very similar to what the remaining members of Lostprophets did when they joined forces with Geoff Rickly to create No Devotion.

“[We] are currently working on material for an un-named/un-fronted project. It is in the early stages but progressing quickly, and we will be ready to find a singer to fit the sound of the band soon. And as far as the sound goes, it’s still going to be us playing our instruments the way that we love to, but in a new, refreshed environment.”

Back in October, the band was scheduled to go on tour with All That Remains and We Came as Romans on the “Hardrive Live Fallout Tour.” Due to personal issues, the band dropped off the tour. Maybe this was the personal issues that caused the withdraw from the tour. Emmure’s last studio album was 2014’s Eternal Enemies which was released through Victory Records.

The Matches Advise Fans to “Standby”


Is there something brewing over at Camp The Matches? Well, after posting a cryptic clip on their social media accounts, it appears that there just might be.

The California band, who went on hiatus back in 2009, have been quiet since their one-night only show in 2014 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their debut album, E. Von Dahl Killed the Locals. With this new video, talk of a reunion among fans has once again begun. The short clip, which comes in at 15 seconds, features an artist’s hands drawing out the word “Standby.” While the word is being drawn out, there’s audio in the background which keeps changing as if someone was turning the dials on an old school radio searching for some music. Watch the cryptic clip below.

While at the current moment there has been no confirmation (or denial) that there might be a reunion, or even a reissue of any of their material, it’s a good time to point out that the band’s sophomore album Decomposer will turn ten in 2016. The album which gave us tracks like “Papercut Skin,” “Little Maggots,” and “What Katie Said” will officially hit the decade mark next September. Until the band comes forward as to what we’re standing by for, we’ll be here, waiting for it.

The Matches last album before calling it a day was 2008’s A Band in Hope.

Evanescene Announce Shift in Line-Up

Now that Evanescence has returned from their long break, the band has revealed some big news having to do with a shift in their line-up.

Earlier in the day (Aug. 7), the Arkansas-based band took to Facebook to break the news that longtime guitarist, Terry Balsamo, was no longer a part of the band. Though they did not elaborate on why Balsamo departed the group, they did “wish [Terry] all the happiness, health, and love in the world!”

With the departure of Balsamo, the band also revealed that they had already chosen someone to fill in the vacancy. Traveling all the way to South Germany, the group found Jen Majura, a singer/guitarist who they claim was the band’s “missing piece.” Majura, according to the letter, “plays like a supervillan, sings like an angel, and laughs like a great friend.”

Check out the complete letter from Facebook below.

“We have big news to share.

After 2 albums, countless adventures around the world and on the stage, Terry’s time with Evanescence has come to an end. As difficult as that is, we stand unified knowing it’s the right thing for all of us. We will ALWAYS love you, Terry, and wish you all the happiness, health, and love in the world!

Now for the exciting part of this announcement: Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jen Majura.

After scouring the globe, I found Evanescence’s missing piece in South Germany. She plays like a supervillan, sings like an angel, and laughs like a great friend. We spent a few days together last week in New York sharing eerily familiar life stories, sushi, artistic inspiration, other people’s shoes, and SO many laughs! (Yeah, okay, and maybe there were a couple of stiff drinks mixed in there)

We are all so excited to play together this fall and bring the show to a whole new level. CAN’T WAIT! I know you will show her all the love and respect a strong, talented woman deserves. I couldn’t be happier to welcome our new sister to the band.

P.S. This is the time to be shouting out setlist requests, we’re working on it now  Anything is possible! So bring it!!!”

Evanescence is set to perform three United States show this Fall before their huge “welcome back” gig at Japan’s Ozzfest on Nov. 21.

Underøath Tease a ‘Rebirth’

Is there an Underøath reunion in the future?

With the new video that was posted on their official Facebook page, the band is giving hope that there might be.

Earlier today, all the social media accounts for the band uploaded an image which read “Rebirth is coming.” The teaser that was posted on Facebook features audio in the back that isn’t very clear and just might be played in reverse. An Underøath fan probably thought the same thing and decided to reverse the audio. What once was a fuzzy combination of words was soon replaced by “Drowning in my Sleep.”

What does it mean? Is there a new song in the works? Will they be reuniting for something special like a tenth anniversary tour? Who knows, at least right now.

Check out both the video from the band and the reversed audio posted on SoundCloud below.

Speculation of a reunion has been running wild lately. The band’s breakthrough album, They’re Only Chasing Safety, turned ten last year while Define The Great Line will celebrate its decade of being out in 2016.

Earlier this year during an interview with MindEqualsBlown, former lead vocalist Spencer Chamberlain gave some hope when he said “if the star aligned” and that if they did decided to go out on a tour, it would be a “full tour” not just a couple of days here or there.

“It’s really if the star aligned. No one is against doing it. I’m still out here doing this. I would take a break for a month to do a full U.S. tour. I think for me, it would have to be a full tour,” said Chamberlain.

Mirroring his former bandmate’s comments, guitarist Tim McTague told Alternative Press during an interview, “I don’t think any of us are necessarily opposed, it’s always just [up to] our schedules. None of us left the band hating it; none of us don’t like each other. If anything, we talk about how we all miss it. I think something like that is 100 percent possible.”

There’s always hope, and it looks like it might be coming our way soon.

Armor For Sleep Continue Their Cryptic Teasing

The Armor for Sleep guessing game has now gone into day two.

Being as cryptic as they were yesterday, and maybe a little more, an image was uploaded onto Armor for Sleep’s Facebook page with a simple caption reading, “More info soon.”

The image, which can be seen below, features the same exact figure from the cover of What to Do When You Are Dead, but with a twist. 

Unlike the image that graces the cover of the band’s 2005 release, this image solely features the body of the figure floating in pure darkness. The body, on the other hand, counters the black background with a galactic pattern within the outline of the body.

What has jump started the hearts of many AFS fans is probably the writing on the image. Above the figure, we see the band’s name in white, but below it, in green, we see “2015.”

Now, 2015 is more than halfway over, so we’re going to hope that the band will in fact have more information for those of us waiting, patiently, really soon.


Anybody want to take a guess as to what all this means? We’d put our money on a What to Do When You Are Dead tenth anniversary tour, but most of the times, we’re wrong.

Riot Fest Reveals New Denver Location

After having issues with their venue last year, Riot Fest Denver has officially found a new home, at least for the 2015 festivities.

This year, the festival will call the National Western Complex home during the weekend of Aug. 28-30. Also, the name of the event will be getting an update to match. Unlike last year, Riot Fest Denver will now be known as Riot Fest & Rodeo.


Check out the official flyer below.


Early bird tickets will go on sale tomorrow (April 24) at noon, MST on Riot Fest’s website.

Last year, the Denver incarnation of the annual music festival had issues securing a location after Arapahoe County refused to let the weekend-long festival secure May Farms in Byers, CO for a second time. The county refused the petition citing “traffic impacts and public safety concerns” during the last-minute negotiations.

Instead, the festival was moved to the Sports Authority Field at Mile High where some who had made camping arrangements were not given the similar accommodations like the previous location. But that’s a thing of the past now. The National Western Complex will be allowing fans to stay in RVs on site.

Rumor has it there might even be a barbecue cook-off and other new events this year.

Hey Riot Fest, where can we sign up?

Alexisonfire to Announce Something This Upcoming Monday

“What are they teasing?”

That’s probably the question on the mind of all Alexisonfire fans at the moment.

The band, who announced their break up back in 2011 and eventually did call it a day on the act in 2013 following a farewell tour, just pulled a major troll move making fans wonder what they have up their sleeves.

Earlier in the day, all Alexisonfire social media accounts posted a link to an Instagram account which was recently created for the band. The one and only picture posted on the account came with a caption that read #AOF2015.

Those looking at the picture of a skull in a heart didn’t have to look too far to know that something was coming. On the image itself was the date “03/09/15” also know as this upcoming Monday.


But it appears the Alexisonfire social media accounts weren’t the only ones to post the link to the Instagram account. Former frontman Dallas Green’s Facebook and Twitter for his other band, City and Colour also posted the link to the picture.

Though at the moment there’s been no indication as to what this “big reveal” might be, some are speculating a series of things. Some say a reunion. Others say a new album or maybe another boxset. All we know if that we will be sitting here, waiting for the Canadian band to give us a straight answer.

Originally, we were putting money on some kind of anniversary, but the dates are off to be the tenth or 15th anniversary of anything. (The band formed in 2001, their debut album was released in 2002, their sophomore album was released in 2004, and their third album was released in 2006.)

So we’re taking guesses. What do you think the big news for Monday is going to be?