Musical Spoof of ‘The X Factor’ Hitting London

Simon Cowell

Just when you thought that Simon Cowell was nothing more than a pile of muscles in a tight black t-shirt and attitude, here’s a surprise. The super producer will be bringing a version of his hit show, The X Factor from the television screens to the stage on London sometime in 2014.

The judge’s company, Syco Entertainment, will co-produce  a musical spoof written by Harry Hill and directed by Sean Foley about the televised singing competition. Both Syco and Stage Entertainment both say that X Factor: Time to Face the Musical is supposed to be an “affectionate poke” at the talent show. The show will also feature 19 new songs, but cast and location for it are yet to be determined.

For someone who comes off as such a hardass, it nice to see that under all that rough exterior, there’s a jokester. Kudos, Cowell!

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