Listen: Natalie Portman gets ‘Wrapped Up’ in final ‘Vox Lux’ trailer

We’ve seen Natalie Portman fully become troubled pop star Celeste in the past “Vox Lux” trailers, but now, we finally get the opportunity to hear the award-winning actress’ vocals. On Wednesday (Nov. 28), the final trailer for the upcoming film was unleashed.

At the beginning of the two-minute video, Celeste tells her adoring audience that she was going to “take it back to where it all began.” As promised, the clip goes back in time to that fateful day that changed everything for Celeste and her sister Eleanor as they took the stage to perform at a vigil following a school shooting. Teenage Celeste takes the stage to perform a song her and her sister wrote called “Wrapped Up.”

As the viewer gets a quick look at her life as a teenager encountering several struggles, it soon returns to present day.

Like her teenage self, the viewer watches all the battles adult Celeste encounters like trying to remain relevant, raising her daughter, and the struggles of stardom.
Watch the final trailer for “Vox Lux” above.

“Wrapped Up,” like all the other songs featured in the film, was written by Sia and sung by Portman.

“Vox Lux” was written and directed by Bradley Corbet. Joining Portman are Stacy Martin as Celeste’s sister; Jude Law as Celeste’s manager; Jennifer Ehle as her no-nonsense publicist; and Willem Dafoe as the film’s narrator.

“Vox Lux” is due out on Dec. 7 in New York and Los Angeles while its wide theatrical release will happen a week later on Dec. 14. “Wrapped Up” will be available for download beginning Dec. 7 while the “Vox Lux” soundtrack will be available beginning on Dec. 14.

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