‘Sherlock’ Season Three Trailer Premieres


When fans of Sherlock last saw the iconic detective last season, he was taking a nose dive off of a building much to the dismay (understatement) of all loyal fans and of course his close companion/friend, John Watson. The trailer for the new and highly anticipated season made its way onto the internet, proving what fans have been saying since that episode: Sherlock Holmes is not dead.

The barely 30 second clip, shows how each of the characters of the series react when they find out that Holmes is indeed not dead like dear Mrs. Hudson while doing the dishes, Molly sees his reflection, Detective Lestrade in a dark corridor, Holmes’ older brother Mycroft in his office  and of course Watson while sitting in a restaurant (with a snazy new mustache).

Sherlock is schedule to premiere sometime this year on BBC, but in the US, it’s not schedule to premiere until 2014 on PBS Masterpiece. But let’s be honest, knowing die-hard fans in the US, it will be seen within an hour of its BBC premiere.

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