Watch: Katy Perry and Zedd embark on an AI relationship in ‘365’

Can robots feel love?

That’s the question Katy Perry and Zedd pose in the music video for their brand new joint track. On Thursday (Feb. 14), the singer and the DJ released their new song “365” mere hours after confirming its existence on social media. The four-and-a-half-minute video finds Perry taking on the role of a robot created in a sterilized laboratory.

Zedd, on the other hand, plays the role of a human who is being used for an experiment by the same scientists that created the Perry-bot. The viewer watches as Perry is first introduced to a life-size teddy bear as an experiment to see if she can truly interact with other beings. Once it seems that Perry-bot can interact successfully with other beings, the scientists pair her with Zedd for the real test.

The video continues with the duo going through the beginning stages of a relationship like awkward first conversations, dinner, dancing, and even sleeping together. Perry’s robot seems to be trying her hardest to make it work out, but it appears like Zedd isn’t ready for that giant step yet. This becomes evident as he runs away during a house tour, chooses to sleep on the couch rather in the bed, and even falls asleep during a movie.

As the Perry-bot begins to shed tears, the scientists are thrown into a frenzy because can robots really feel emotions?

Watch the music video for “365” above.

“365” is Perry’s first new song since her Christmastime single “Cozy Little Christmas.” Her last studio album was 2017’s lukewarmly received fifth studio album, Witness. As for Zedd, the DJ recently gave Shawn Mendes’  “Lost in Japan” the remix treatment and was even nominated for several Grammys for his smash collaboration with Maren Morris and Grey, “The Middle.”


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