Katy Perry ponders marriage in her new track ‘Never Worn White’

Katy Perry is taking a break from her “American Idol” judge seat to give us some brand new music, and a massive surprise.

On Wednesday night (March 4), the pop star unveiled her first new track in four months.

Titled “Never Worn White,” the almost four-minute piano-ballad finds the singer pondering, and worrying, about the prospect of marriage. Throughout the song, we hear her concerns via the lyrics. As the song progresses, we witness her come to grips with it and realize that “hey, everything is going to be okay.”

To coincide with the song’s release, the singer unveiled its accompanying video. Unlike many of Perry’s clips, this one is simple, showing the musician singing in a pastel-colored setting surrounded by flowers. The lack of dramatics, and senses overload, allows for Perry’s vocals and lyrics to shine through. Let’s just say, we get some serious Celine Dion vibes from it.

The music video concludes with a huge surprise when Perry, dressed in a transparent outfit, is shown rubbing her very pregnant belly.

Yes, guys. The “California Girl” is expecting her first child.

Maybe that’s what she meant by her “let’s say it’s going to be a jam-packed summer” and “omg so glad I don’t have to suck it in anymore” tweets.

Watch the video for “Never Worn White” above.

“Never Worn White” is Perry’s first new song since last October’s “Harleys ion Hawaii” which, unsurprisingly, was inspired by a trip she took with her fiancé, actor Orlando Bloom.

“Never Worn White” appears to be Perry’s fourth standalone single. To date, she’s released the Hawaii-themed clip for “Harley in Hawaii,” dog competition-centric music video for “Small Talk,” her flower child-inspired clip for “Never Really Over,” and “365” her creepy robot love story with Zedd.

While we were all hoping Perry would announce the release of her still-not-confirmed sixth studio album, but we guess a child is also a good thing. Mazel tov!

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