Justin Timberlake’s “T.K.O.”


Justin Timberlake fans, rejoice, the singer has finally released another new song from his upcoming new album, The 20/20 Experience Part II.  Yesterday, things were buzzing online that the singer would be releasing another new track from the follow-up to this year’s hit, The 20/20 Experience, sometime soon, but as to when that would be exactly, it was unknown.

The buzzing all began when Timberlake took to his Instagram, his favorite mode of releasing information recently, to reveal a teaser of the new song. Like most rumors and teaser, the grand reveal happened late last night when Timberlake gave the world the new track titled, “T.K.O.”

Producer extraordinaire, Timbaland helped with the production of the song as well as some vocals while Timberlake took care of everything else in the a little over seven minute long song.

For now, check out the new song and tell us if it’s a “knock-out” (pun intended).

The 20/20 Experience Part II hit stores on September 30th.

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