Stream Motion City Soundtrack’s New Song “TKO”

Yesterday, Motion City Soundtrack’s new song “TKO” was leaked online and we’re definitely guilty of posting it up when the song became available somewhere that we could get an embedded code from.

It came as no surprise when we logged onto the site this morning and found that the video post had been deleted. But, no worries because Motion City have now released the official lyrics video for the song.

Listen/watch the lyrics video for “TKO” below.

As it has been hinted at many times this year, Motion City have given fans hope that their brand new album will be hitting stores by the end of 2015; wintertime, they claim.

In a recent interview with Alternative Press, frontman Justin Pierre had revealed to the publication how the recording session for this impending album differed from the recording sessions of their previous albums.

“We had a year’s worth of songs written, rehearsed them all and recorded 10 of them. A lot of these songs were done in a single take; we’d just pick the best ones. We’d do a take where the drums were great, but the guitar was not, then we’d just redo the guitar, as opposed to everything. It was a whole new approach, and I gotta say that I loved it, especially coming from making records where you’re sitting in the control booth by yourself playing your part over and over and everybody falling asleep.”

Currently, there is no projected released date for the new record, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to lay low until that is date is unveiled.

Motion City Soundtrack will help kick-off the 2015 Vans Warped Tour this Friday as their performance will be live streamed on Yahoo.

After their couple of days on the traveling punk show, they will kickoff the second leg of their North American “Commit This to Memory Tenth Anniversary Tour” before taking the act down under to Australia.

New Motion City Soundtrack Song Leaks Online

A couple of days after announcing they would be releasing a new song sometime this week (tomorrow, June 16, to be exact), Motion City Soundtrack’s new song has leaked online.

The new song is titled “TKO” (as can be seen in the video) and can be heard below. Also keep in mind, if the track sounds a little funky, it’s because it’s a leaked version that was found on Tumblr. On the upside, it should hold you over until tomorrow when the official song is released.


Earlier this year, Motion City Soundtrack revealed they were planning on releasing a new album before the end of the year. But as we wait for that announcement which we hope comes soon, they have a couple of Vans Warped Tour dates coming up including the first day of the tour which will air live on Yahoo on Friday (June 19).

After that, they will be pack their bags once again and head back on the road for the second leg of their North American “Commit this to Memory Tenth Anniversary tour” before going to Australia to give their Austrian fans a little bit of CTTM love.

Justin Timberlake’s “T.K.O.”


Justin Timberlake fans, rejoice, the singer has finally released another new song from his upcoming new album, The 20/20 Experience Part II.  Yesterday, things were buzzing online that the singer would be releasing another new track from the follow-up to this year’s hit, The 20/20 Experience, sometime soon, but as to when that would be exactly, it was unknown.

The buzzing all began when Timberlake took to his Instagram, his favorite mode of releasing information recently, to reveal a teaser of the new song. Like most rumors and teaser, the grand reveal happened late last night when Timberlake gave the world the new track titled, “T.K.O.”

Producer extraordinaire, Timbaland helped with the production of the song as well as some vocals while Timberlake took care of everything else in the a little over seven minute long song.

For now, check out the new song and tell us if it’s a “knock-out” (pun intended).

The 20/20 Experience Part II hit stores on September 30th.