Watch: Disney Rick Rolls fans in final ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ trailer

With a few months left until the release of the highly-anticipated sequel to Wreck-It Ralph, Disney is giving fans one more trailer before things go quiet until November. On Thursday (Sept. 20), the House of Mouse unleashed the final trailer for the Wreck-It Ralph follow-up, Ralph Breaks the Internet. Until now, the film’s plot remained unknown with the trailers focusing more on Ralph and Vanellope’s out-of-water experience in the world of the interwebs and Vanellope interacting with Disney’s slew of princesses.

The two-and-a-half minute trailer begins with a voiceover from Vanellope as she recounts how she was having the time of her life until her arcade game’s steering wheel breaks. Due to the broken controller, the arcade owner has to pull the plug on Sugar Rush, leaving all the game’s characters in a panic. Ralph’s solution to the problem is simple; go into the world of the internet and get a new steering wheel.

Throughout the trailer, the viewer watches similar scenes that were featured in the previously released clips, but are given some new material as they witness the darker version of Sugar Rush; Slaughter Race. While trying out Slaughter Race, Vanellope not only meets the game’s most popular racer Shank (voiced by Wonder Woman herself Gal Gadot), but also realizes that she might like the world of the internet better than her life in the arcade.

“I don’t think I could ever tell Ralph,” Vanellope admits to Shank as a holographic version of Ralph looks at the duo from afar.

“There’s no law saying best friends have to have the same dreams,” Shank responds.

Watch the full trailer above.

Ralph Breaks the Internet infiltrates theaters on Nov. 21.

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