Meet Ed Sheeran the Puppet in “Sing”


Ed Sheeran might be referred to as a teddy bear by fans and himself alike (just check his Instagram user name), but did you think you’d see the day when the British singer would be turned into a puppet?

That’s exactly what we got with the official music video for his current single, “Sing.” In the video the Ginger singer hangs out with super-producer Pharrell as well the Ed Sheeran puppet which kind of looks more like Rupert Grint than Ed Sheeran.

Considering that one time that girl at a show screamed, “I love you Rupert Grint,” it should come as no surprise. Mix the creepy puppet with some strippers, alcohol and some Koreans singing karaoke and this is what you get. Keep an eye out for Ed and Pharrell’s faces when puppet Ed busts through the video shoot.

His new album X is scheduled to be released on June 23, just in time to add to your Summer playlist.

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