Underøath Tease a ‘Rebirth’

Is there an Underøath reunion in the future?

With the new video that was posted on their official Facebook page, the band is giving hope that there might be.

Earlier today, all the social media accounts for the band uploaded an image which read “Rebirth is coming.” The teaser that was posted on Facebook features audio in the back that isn’t very clear and just might be played in reverse. An Underøath fan probably thought the same thing and decided to reverse the audio. What once was a fuzzy combination of words was soon replaced by “Drowning in my Sleep.”

What does it mean? Is there a new song in the works? Will they be reuniting for something special like a tenth anniversary tour? Who knows, at least right now.

Check out both the video from the band and the reversed audio posted on SoundCloud below.

Speculation of a reunion has been running wild lately. The band’s breakthrough album, They’re Only Chasing Safety, turned ten last year while Define The Great Line will celebrate its decade of being out in 2016.

Earlier this year during an interview with MindEqualsBlown, former lead vocalist Spencer Chamberlain gave some hope when he said “if the star aligned” and that if they did decided to go out on a tour, it would be a “full tour” not just a couple of days here or there.

“It’s really if the star aligned. No one is against doing it. I’m still out here doing this. I would take a break for a month to do a full U.S. tour. I think for me, it would have to be a full tour,” said Chamberlain.

Mirroring his former bandmate’s comments, guitarist Tim McTague told Alternative Press during an interview, “I don’t think any of us are necessarily opposed, it’s always just [up to] our schedules. None of us left the band hating it; none of us don’t like each other. If anything, we talk about how we all miss it. I think something like that is 100 percent possible.”

There’s always hope, and it looks like it might be coming our way soon.

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