Watch the Foo Fighters Hit the Stage for Fourth of July

Injury be damned, at least that was the message Dave Grohl was sending out on the first stop of the Foo Fighters’ North American tour which kicked off on Saturday (July 4) in Washington D.C. in celebration of not only the nation, but also the 20th anniversary of the band’s self-titled, debut record.

Up until last week, the status of the tour was still unknown since Grohl’s infamous fall in Sweden. Fans were beginning to speculate that a cancellation was set to happen, but lo and behold, being the true rock stars that they are, the band decided to go forward with the three-month long tour which will wrap up in early October.

Thanks to several YouTube users, videos from the kick-off show/Fourth of July blow out was uploaded online. Not only do we see the group perform some of their biggest songs, we were also given a look at the new stage set up for the band which includes a rock and roll version of the Game of Thrones Iron Throne for Grohl to sit on during the shows.

Kind of bad-ass.

Instead of playing off the severe injury, Grohl decided to address it directly before beginning on “Big Me.” In his speech to the audience, he explained how it all happened on a “beautiful night like tonight in a stadium full of people” and how he “fell off the fucking stage.” He even played the footage of the fall on the big screen behind the band as he continued to ask the crowd if they saw the video on YouTube.

It’s nice to know that he’s got such a good sense of humor about it because he even replayed it again.

Check out the videos from the show below, but try to ignore the annoying ass commentary on the videos.

Foo Fighters July 4 Washington D.C. RFK Stadium Set List

1. “Everlong”
2. “Monkey Wrench”
3. “Learn to Fly”
4. “Something From Nothing”
5. “The Pretender”
6. “Cold Day in the Sun”
7. “Congregation”
8. “Walk”
9. “Big Me”
10. “My Hero” (acoustic)
11. “Times Like These” (acoustic)
12. “Under Pressure” (Queen & David Bowie cover)
13. “All My Life”
14. “These Days’
15. “Outside”
16. “Breakout”
17. “For All the Cows”
18. “Alone + Easy Target”
19. “This Is a Call”
20. “Generator”
21. “Best of You”

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