Listen to Muse Release the “Reapers”



The video that was uploaded yesterday afternoon, is the same exact video release by the band.

The previous video has been taken down, like the uploader warned about, but you can now see the official lyric video uploaded by Muse, below.

If you’re patiently waiting the release of Muse’s upcoming new album Drones, then we have another new track from the impending release.

As of now, the band have officially released three songs from the super secretive album, and now a new song appears to have been uploaded onto YouTube.

Though the account that uploaded the video is not Muse’s official account, you can listen to the song below which is amazing with its loud and pulsing instrumentals and frontman Matt Bellamy’s vocals. It’s become our favorite as of now; sorry “Dead Inside.”

While it’s “unofficially” Muse’s (for now, at least), we aren’t doubting the validity of the lyric video because it is very similar to the other videos they have previously released.

Anyway, check out “Reapers” below.

“Reapers” is the fourth song to be released off of Drones. Previously, the band released “Mercy,” “Dead Inside,” and lead single “Psycho” to impatiently waiting fans.

Drones will officially be released on June 9 through Warner Bros., though other locations will be getting the album ahead of time, like parts of Europe and as always, the United Kingdom.


  1. I wouldn’t say that I am a huge fan of Muse but I am really looking forward to seeing them at Download in 2 weeks 🙂

    • Yeah, I’m not a “I’ll pay through the roof to get VIP passes for a show” kind of fan, but I do like some of their music. I saw them open for My Chemical Romance during their “The Black Parade Tour” (2007) and sadly, I was the only one singing along to the songs on the setlist.

      From what I remember, I really liked their performance, but I’m not sure how much things have changed in eight years.

      Have fun at Download and please let me know if they end up using drones during the show to fly over the audience. Apparently, it was something frontman Matt Bellamy wants to add to their shows since the new album’s titled ‘Drones.’

      • I will keep you posted when I get back

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