Tom DeLonge Announces New Angels and Airwaves EP


After teasing the release of four new albums this year, former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge previously had to confirm that not all of them would be solo releases. In a Twitter post, he confirmed two of them would be with his band Angels and Airwaves and two would be solo material.

Now, the singer has revealed that one of those two Angels and Airwaves albums might be coming our way soon.

In a post on Instagram, DeLonge posted what appears to be a cover for one of his many novels. In the caption, he makes reference to the novel and then follows it up by confirming that an “all new AVA EP” is coming soon.

Check out the post below.

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The Novel and all new /\// EP coming…

A post shared by Official Tom DeLonge (@tomdelonge) on

The Angels and Airwaves new record announcement comes on the heels of DeLonge’s release of his first solo album, To the Stars: Demos, Odds, and Ends which came out last month.

This “coming soon” record from Angels and Airwaves will be the band’s second release in a year. Last December, they released their fifth studio album, The Dream Walker.

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