Muse are “Dead Inside” with New Song

muse 2014 desktop Wallpaper

Muse seem to be in a giving mood this past week, especially since they worked so hard to keep anything having to do with their album under lock and key.

Today, we get a brand new track from their upcoming new record, Drones.

See, giving mood.

Last week, the British band premiered “Psycho,” after giving fans a slight taste of what to expect from the new song. Now, we get the debut of the second single (or third, if you consider the live debut of a song titled “Reaper” as number two).

The song, titled “Dead Inside” starts off with this rhythm that sounds like something you would hear in rock songs from the 80s. But don’t expect the song to keep up with that funky 80s sound; instead, that rhythm only happens during the chorus.

Confused? Don’t be. Check out the complete song below.

In the description area of YouTube, frontman Matt Bellamy explains the story of the song.

“This is where the story of the album begins, where the protagonist loses hope and becomes ‘Dead Inside’, therefore vulnerable to the dark forces introduced in ‘Psycho’ and which ensue over the next few songs on the album, before eventually defecting, revolting and overcoming these dark forces later in the story.”

Drones will be release don June 8 with pre-orders already available on iTunes. For those who pre-order the album on iTunes, they will receive an “instant grat” track.

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