Coldplay Donate Money to Terminally Ill Fan’s Campaign


Say what you will about Coldplay, but one thing that you can not argue is how dedicated their fans are and how they are dedicated to them in return.

Last week, the band did something that only a handful of bands have done in the past; donated money to a fan. Members of the band donated £10,000 ($17,000) to a fundraiser organized by the family of a terminally ill fan.

Jody Duff, a long-time Coldplay fan, is battling motor neurone disease, a progressive neurological condition that has confined him to a wheelchair. Through his Just Giving page, he raises funds for the Motor Neurone Disease Association to help others who suffer the same disease as him.

Duff’s campaign which had a goal of raising £25,000, caught the attention of the band who would go on to contribute to the fundraising campaign. But, when you though having one of your favorite band contribute to the campaign was all, they didn’t stop there. Coldplay continued to tweet their many followers on Twitter, urging them to contribute to the campaign.

According to U.K, paper, The Mirror, Duff was shocked when he saw the money in the Just Giving account. This wasn’t the first encounter that Duff has had with his favorite band. When the British-based band performed at London’s Royal Albert Hall earlier this month, he got to spend sometime with frontman Chris Martin.

“Chris was genuinely interested in learning about motor neurone disease,” Duff told The Mirror. At that same show, Martin dedicated “Fix You,” Duff’s favorite song, to him while also inviting him backstage.

If Duff isn’t already a die-hard Coldplay fan than this definitely sealed his loyalty

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