Watch: Weezer cover Blink-182 at Riot Fest

Blink-182 may have had to cancel their headlining gig at Riot Fest this year, but leave it to Weezer to pay homage to the absent band. During Weezer’s Riot Fest set —originally Blink-182’s time slot— the former decided to cover arguably one of the latter’s biggest hits, “All the Small Things.” It’s not like Weezer are any strangers to covering hit songs. Earlier this summer, the “Buddy Holly” crooners took on Toto’s “Africa” and made it one of the biggest alternative songs of 2018, so why not honor their former tour mates by covering one of their songs.

Watch the full, fan shot video above.

Prior to hitting the Riot Fest main stage, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo did a solo show in San Francisco where he gave the August Hall audience an acoustic rendition of “All the Small Things.”

“Weezer always has Blink’s back,” Cuomo told the audience in attendance.

In 2009, they joined Blink-182 on the road for their reunion tour, confirming that the camaraderie is real. Watch Cuomo’s acoustic version of “All the Small Things” here.

Earlier this month, Riot Fest confirmed that Blink-182 had to cancel their appearance at the annual Chicago-based rock music festival due to Travis Barker’s health concerns. The band not only cancelled their appearance at the annual music festival, but were also forced to cancel all their September headlining gigs. After revealing that the trio would no longer perform, Riot Fest organizers were quick to enlist Taking Back Sunday, Run the Jewels, and Weezer to fill the vacancy.

Set It Off Part Ways with Bassist Following Sexual Assault Allegations


After several hours of quiet since he was publicly removed from Set It Off, Austin Kerr has finally responded with a statement of his own about the allegations against him.

“As of two days ago I became aware of some serious allegations against me. There are two sides of every story and then there’s the truth. Fact is, I’m a guy who hasn’t always considered the way people may perceive my actions and while never forceful, there’s situations where I’ve been too pushy in several matters. I am taking full responsibility for my actions and behavior. I am so sorry for the effects of my actions and I apologize to anyone who has ever been made to feel uncomfortable by me in any capacity. I promise you it was NEVER my intention and I never thought I was entitled to anything.

I will carry myself differently in every matter I’m a part of from this day on. Upon first hearing of these matters, I immediately stopped drinking anywhere near shows, and stopped doing anything that might make someone uncomfortable (i.e. hugging them, picking them up, etc.). I will continue for the rest of my life being fully observant of other people’s feelings. After talking with the band, we have all agreed that I should part ways as nothing in this this should be attached to them in any way. I got to live my dream for years. For all the times, lessons and memories, I am so grateful.

Unfortunately attached to these allegations are half stories, exaggerations and untruthful statements. Since the tumblr post was released I have been approached by multiple people by their own accord who were there and can varify that some statements made are fictional or have proof of their falsehoods.

The truth is I’ve made people feel uncomfortable and I’m sorry. I encourage everyone to read into things before they believe them or make judgements. In often cases a lack of proof means something.

Moving forward, I am actively working on improving and making better decisions so that I will never make anyone feel like this again.”

It seems like with each passing day, more and more musicians are being accused of disorderly conduct when it comes to their underage fans.

We’re not sure if it’s because they like to use their “celebrity” label more, or if it has to do with presence of social media, or maybe the bands that we grew up with were a little more respectful when it came to their fans, but the truth is, things are getting out of control.

Today another band has found themselves in hot water due to a band member and their alleged misconduct with an underage fan, this time, in the United Kingdom.

According to the alleged victim/writer of a Tumblr blog post, there were several instances in which she encountered (now former) Set It Off bassist Austin Kerr which resulted in awkward interacts that made her uncomfortable. Instances, according to her, included Kerr making sexual innuendos, inappropriately touching not only her but her friends, and sending her (screen shots are included in the post) weird messages online.

Instead of letting these allegations hurt the Florida-based band, who are slated to begin the Vans Warped Tour in July, they quickly and swiftly took to their Facebook to release an official statement on the matter.

In the post, which can be seen below, they do not cite the blog as the reason behind Kerr’s removal, but they do make reference to it by saying that rumors were brought to their attention and that their number one priority is the safety of their fans.

While we’re not going to post the specifics from the blog here, we will give the link to it (seen here) for those interested in reading what reportedly happened to the writer.

Like out disclaimer every time a story like this comes out, we’re not going to take any sides, but we will keep this updated when new information about it becomes known.

As to what Set It Off are going to do now that they are down a member, we’re not sure. They have an upcoming tour stop this Friday (May 22) at the Bullingdon Club in Oxford, UK and have confirmed any and all upcoming shows will remain in full effect; no cancellations.

It’s also a good time to point out that Kerr has not made a statement about the accusations against him either. His last post on Twitter was from yesterday.

Green Day Thank Fans After Hall of Fame Induction

Fresh off of a busy week, Green Day have taken to the internet to thank their fans for allowing the opportunity to be able to do it all.

This past weekend saw the California-based band being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame alongside the likes of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Lou Reed, and Ringo Starr.

In a post on Instagram, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong wrote a short letter on behalf of the trio to their “Idiot Nation” who have supported the band through all of their highs and lows as well as almost 20 years of being called sell outs.

Armstrong writes that the Hall of Fame award is a lot more than just an award, it’s what allows the band to do what they love most which is to “play music, write songs and follow this psychotic passion called rock n roll” and it’s all thanks to those who stood behind them.

Read Armstrong’s complete post below.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a video making its rounds on the internet today of teenage Green Day performing at their high school; four years before they were known worldwide.

Kind of cool, right? Enjoy.

Bonnaroo Fans to Unveil 2015 Line-Up

With so many festivals announcing their line-up already, somehow you need to figure out how stay a little bit ahead of the pack and it looks like Bonnaroo has figured out just how to do that.

While Coachella and the Governors Ball announced their line-up through Twitter (or Facebook), something almost every festival does now, Bonnaroo have decided that the fans will be the ones to unveil the list for the annual event.

The official reveal will happen on Tuesday, Jan. 13 between the hours of 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. EST.

To excite potential attendees and explain how this will all happen, festival organizers have released an old-school looking “B.L.A.M!” video telling fan how this will all go down.

First, those wanting to be involved need to call a phone number (1-844-ROO-2015) to get an assigned artist. Then, those with an artist’s will need to take to all forms of social media to give the name of the artist assigned to them. they also will need to include, #Bonnaroo to the post.

While the three-hour digital scavenger hunt goes on, those glued to their phone, computer, tablet or whatever will also get the chance to watch a sneak peek for Skrillex’s documentary as well as some “Bonnaroo entertainment” over at the festival’s site.

Check out the video below.

Bonnaroo 2015 will be held on from June 11 to June 14 at its home of Great Stage Park in Manchester, TN.

Watch Fall Out Boy’s Dramatic Fan Confessions Reading


T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring, well maybe a creature was stirring and by a creature we mean all four guys from Fall Out Boy.

Over the weekend, the band discovered a Tumblr blog dedicated to fan confessions about them which only gave the guys the great idea of recording a dramatic reading of some of them. If you couldn’t guess, hilarity did in fact ensued.

Check out the video below and laugh until you can’t anymore, especially during Patrick’s last reading.

Fall Out Boy will be releasing their new studio album, American Beauty/ American Psycho on Jan. 20 through Island/DCD2. the record features lead single “Centuries” as well as recently released tracks, “American Beauty/ American Psycho” and “The Kids Aren’t Alright.”

Fall Out Boy are also salted to make an appearance on Pitbull’s New Year’s Eve show, Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution on FOX next Wednesday. Last we heard, they will be performing a couple of songs on the show.

Bring Me the Horizon Respond to Fans’ Criticism of New Song


We knew that Bring Me the Horizon fans were vocal, but we never thought we’d never see the day when the fans would turn on their beloved band.

It appears that a recent song made specifically by the band as part of BBC’s re-scoring of the Ryan Gosling-starring film, Drive has made fans really unhappy with the group.

The song on trial is called “Don’t Look Down” and features the British band getting some assistance from a guest; rapper Orifice Vulgatron from Foreign Beggars.

Many of the fans were so vocal about their disappointment that one fan wrote: “I was willing to accept ‘Drown,’ but I don’t know what this song is. Not for me.”

Another responded to the track by saying: “‘Drown’ was a fantastic change for the band. I really hope this song isn’t the start of something else, cause this was forgettable.”


But, like a band that actually takes into consideration what their fans think about them, BMTH have responded to all the criticism reminding fans that the song was made for the gritty film’s new soundtrack.

Read their statement below.

“We appreciate the level of passion both good and bad for DLD. We are really proud of what we created, but at the same time, we understand peoples confusion and panic after hearing the track. We were approached by radio one to score a piece of music for a rescore of the movie Drive. Now if you’ve seen Drive i’m sure you will agree neither anything from our previous albums, nor drown would of fit very well with the vibe of that particular movie, so we decided to create a piece of music that did justice to the amazing scene we was given.

we took the opportunity to make something completely different, to do something completely different, something that we wouldn’t usually do- although I feel that doesn’t really make sense anymore, because we never do the same thing 2x. We experiment, we change it up, We take risks because we don’t want to stay the same and we want to breathe life into this lacklustre genre, and we want to keep you guessing whats coming next.

Big up Orifice Vulgatron of Foreign Beggars for collaborating on the track, And once again, if you can tune into BBC 3 tonight at 10 and watch the whole movie, its an amazing project, and we think we smashed our part, and hope you guys feel the same once you’ve seen it.

Peace, BMTH”

Paramore Pay Tribute to Robin Williams


It’s been four days since news broke that Robin Williams passed away at the age of 63 from suicide in which he hung himself with a belt in his room and we all know how many fans are still in mourning.

During a recent stop on their co-headlining MONUMENTOUR with Fall Out Boy, Paramore paid tribute to the late comedian.
The frontwoman, who seems to have fully recovered since the band had to reluctantly cancel several show a couple of weeks back, gave a touching speech before dedicated their song, “Last Hope” to the late actor.

The speech begins with Williams reminiscing about the past ten years that the band had been on the road, from their beginning as this little unknown band, to now selling out arena and how there was a time where they were not happy at all and were in a place that was “depressing.”

Check out the fanshot video filmed at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO this past Tuesday (August 12).

Coldplay Donate Money to Terminally Ill Fan’s Campaign


Say what you will about Coldplay, but one thing that you can not argue is how dedicated their fans are and how they are dedicated to them in return.

Last week, the band did something that only a handful of bands have done in the past; donated money to a fan. Members of the band donated £10,000 ($17,000) to a fundraiser organized by the family of a terminally ill fan.

Jody Duff, a long-time Coldplay fan, is battling motor neurone disease, a progressive neurological condition that has confined him to a wheelchair. Through his Just Giving page, he raises funds for the Motor Neurone Disease Association to help others who suffer the same disease as him.

Duff’s campaign which had a goal of raising £25,000, caught the attention of the band who would go on to contribute to the fundraising campaign. But, when you though having one of your favorite band contribute to the campaign was all, they didn’t stop there. Coldplay continued to tweet their many followers on Twitter, urging them to contribute to the campaign.

According to U.K, paper, The Mirror, Duff was shocked when he saw the money in the Just Giving account. This wasn’t the first encounter that Duff has had with his favorite band. When the British-based band performed at London’s Royal Albert Hall earlier this month, he got to spend sometime with frontman Chris Martin.

“Chris was genuinely interested in learning about motor neurone disease,” Duff told The Mirror. At that same show, Martin dedicated “Fix You,” Duff’s favorite song, to him while also inviting him backstage.

If Duff isn’t already a die-hard Coldplay fan than this definitely sealed his loyalty

Coheed and Cambria Help Fan Save Her Home


Coheed and Cambria have shown just how dedicated they are to their fans, especially those that are in serious need.

Over the weekend, TMZ had reported that the band had gone out of their way to help one of their biggest fans out of a sticky situation she was in. We know, we were in shock too when the gossip news site wrote about something good than some untalented celebutants.

Hardcore Coheed fan, Cyndi Crouch who is also the co-proprietor of the Coheed and Cambria site, Colbat and Calcium, had set up a GoFundMe campaign to help raise $3,500 to help her pay her mortgage and save her family’s home.

When the band had heard about her predicament, they stepped in and donated $3,000 of their own money to her campaign to help save her home.

Guitarist Travis Stever had told TMZ the band wanted to help Crouch out because “she’s a really awesome fan who is extra proactive and supports everything that we do.”

Now, those are the kind of music news related stories we like to hear about. We can only assume Crouch will forever be a Coheed super fan.

Ryan Lewis Asks People About Ryan Lewis


We all know that Macklemore’s sidekick is Ryan Lewis, right? Well, what happens when ordinary people in the crowd get asked about the rapper’s right-hand man by Lewis himself?

Hilarity, all for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The DJ/producer took to the streets to ask unsuspecting people if they could identify Lewis out of a crowd. Decked in glasses and slicked back hair, Lewis questioned people, but sadly, most of them preferred Macklemore to him and even at one point, a person rated Lewis a C+ in attractiveness. We, honestly, beg to differ with that grade that was given.

Watch the video below and give the guy props for not feeling like crap afterwards and taking it in stride.