Slipknot Head Back into the Studio


Joey Jordison might have already spoke out about his “departure: from the band, but as for the rest of Slipknot, their camp has still been quiet about it, but they have not been quiet about the fact that they are heading into the studio to begin recording for a new album.

Late last week, guitarist Jim Root posted a picture on his Instagram from inside of a studio. The picture features Roots holding onto his guitar in front of a mixing desk and including the simple the hashtag #slipknot2014. The picture can be seen below.


The posted picture confirms the news that the band had released last June during their stint at the Download Festival; a new EP was, for sure, on its way. But one thing remains, when they announced Jordison was gone from their line-up, the band reassured fans that they would explain what had happened when the time was right. Now with a new EP on the horizon, they have yet to release that information or inform them who will be taking the founding member’s place.

This new record will be the first since 2008’s All Hope is Gone which was record before bassist Paul Gray passed away/

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