Fall Out Boy Debut New Song, Reveal Album Title


Fall Out Boy promised fans a brand new song on Monday, and Monday is finally here and so is the new track.

The band announced last week via Twitter they would be releasing a new song from their upcoming new album (also their UK single) on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 Show and now the time has come for its debut.

The track was revealed to be titled “American Beauty, American Psycho” on the British radio station, but that wasn’t all. Fall out Boy also revealed that their sixth studio album will also be named American Beauty, American Psycho.

Listen to the song below before it gets taken down.

As for American Beauty, American Psycho, the album, it will be released on Jan. 19 in the United Kingdom and on Jan. 20 for the rest of the world. Pre-orders for the digital album as well as the physical album will go on sale beginning on Dec. 15 and will feature instant downloads of several of the new tracks including the new single.

Check out the statement directly from the band about the new record.

“the moment where a shadow lets you know where the sun was streaming in. the odd place where light and dark meet. there is a threshold. we all can feel it- it is something palpable… the idea that no matter how much an animal is domesticated- there is still something wild in it. declawed but we take/make the best monsters. we semi-civilize them. we put bears in suits on tricycles. we keep wolves warm from the winter in hen houses. then we wonder why they maul the hearts of what we hold the most dear. but make no mistake you brought them into your house and thought they could become a pet. we have infiltrated you. now we are inside you like a disease. this is a modern love story- coming together and unravelling all at once…. 


“the cancer of time is eating us away. our heroes have killed themselves, or are killing themselves. the hero then, is not time, but timelessness….” henry miller

we thought about where this all began but razing it and starting again. so we reached out to a kindred spirit in sebastiAn- from the past he mined some of the future. the mission is the heart pure and simple as it can be- distilled but never fragmented or disguised. through these experiments, that were sometimes lost in translation, we persevered- “they tried to bury us but they didnt realize we were seeds”…

The song “American Beauty/American Psycho” will be released digitally worldwide Dec 8. 

Our 6th studio album, also called American Beauty/American Psycho comes out January 20th Worldwide. 

Digital album pre-orders and physical album preorder packages go on sale Dec 15 and will launch with several instant song downloads including the title track.”

Fall Out Boy to Premiere New Song on Monday


Maybe that new Fall Out Boy record is closer than we originally thought. After a couple of months of speculation and bassist Pete Wentz confirming a new album was in the works, we’re getting word that the band will be releasing a brand new track this upcoming Monday (Nov. 24).

Considering that the band already took to Twitter to confirm the news, Fall Out Boy fans should be a little more thankful this Thanksgiving.

But, maybe we shouldn’t be getting too ahead of ourselves here.

On Twitter, the band did confirm the release of the new track, but sadly, it will be a UK single meaning it will exclusively premiere in the UK. Upon learning that the song will debut on a UK radio station, we assumed it would premiere during Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 Show which was also confirmed by the band.

This begs the question for all US fans: where’s our single from the upcoming record? Is it going to be the same track? We should remember that “Centuries” also made its debut on Zane Lowe’s show and then went on to become the first single for the yet-to-be-titled record.

Beggars can’t be choosers, we guess.

Check out the tweet from the band below as you listen to “Immortals” from Disney’s Big Hero 6, Fall Out Boy’s most recent track.

Bastille Release New Track, “Torn Apart”


It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Bastille which comes as a surprise because the band’s breakout song, “Pompeii” was being played on the hour every hour on the radio.

Frontman Dan Smith had said that the band would go into the studio to quickly release a new album, but thanks in part to their never-ending touring, festivals, and just random shows that seemed to have been a little more difficult than expected to record a new album.

At last, Bastille have finally released a new song, officially. The song, titled “Torn Apart,” made its debut yesterday afternoon on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show. “Torn Apart” will be featured on Bastille’s third mixtape, VS. (Other People’s Heartache, Part 3) which is due out in December.

Check out the new song below.

As for that new album, the band were supposed to return to the studio in September to begin demoing as many tracks as possible before condensing it down to what will become their second album.

Another New Nine Inch Nails Songs Released


While the world was reeling about Ben Affleck being cast as te caped crusader last night, Nine Inch Nails secretly released another new rack from their upcoming album, Hesitation Marks.

Earlier this week, they had released their poppiest song to date, “Everything” which was largely denounced by fans and casual listeners alike. All you really need to do is look up that parody video that was released yesterday for proof.

The new track premiered overseas  on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 Show. The song which can be heard here around the 43:40 mark is called, “Find My Way.” The song also stays away from the other two songs that had been released, “Copy of A” and “Came Back Haunted,” but at least it won’t be in a mockery way.


Hesitation Marks is out September 3 through Columbia.