M83 Release New Song for Film Soundtrack


M83’s Anthony Gonzalez is quickly becoming the go to man for soundtracks, apparently, because the French producer released a message on the group’s Facebook page revealing that the band, mostly Gonzalez we assume, will be working on another soundtrack.

The message on Facebook simply read, “This score is really for lovers and ghosts” alongside a picture of a couple in front of the moon. Since the original post was made, it has been edited to include a link to the band’s website and information about the song. 

The name of the song is “Ali & Matthias” and will be featured on the soundtrack of the upcoming film, You and the Night. The film’s soundtrack marks the second time this year that he has worked on the original music for a film. Earlier this year, he contributed original music for the soundtrack of Tom Cruise’s Oblivion

While not much is known about the movie in itself, we can confirm that the film is the first feature-length film from his brother, Yann Gonzalez. Thanks in part to IMDB, we can also get an idea of what the film is about:

“Around midnight, a young couple and their transvestite maid prepare for an orgy. Their guests will be The Slut, The Star, The Stud and The Teen.”

Interesting, no?

Gonzalez also said in a message on the group’s official website that the soundtrack plays tribute to “French soundtracks from the 70′s and is much more intimate than Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming and the Oblivion Soundtrack.”

Give the lead song a listen and tell us if Anthony does what he hoped to with the soundtrack.

You And The Night will be available digitally November 19th. A physical release is scheduled for 2014 and the trailer for the film can be seen here.