Billy Corgan Updates Fans on His Memoir’s Word Count


Billy Corgan definitely has enough material to write a memoir, and it looks like the singer’s life story might be thicker than a full encyclopedia.

The Smashing Pumpkins’ frontman has been working on a memoir titled, God is Everywhere From Here to There for several years now, and a recent update on the project has revealed that he’s already written 200,000 words, but the kicker is the part that he’s not even halfway done.

“A few days prior I crossed the 200,000 word threshold, convinced that the midway point of said opus had been reached,” Corgan revealed in a blog post on the Smashing Pumpkins’ website.
“But this was not so, as only 5 of 12 intended sections had been covered.”

“General indications are that the book will eventually clock in at half a million words,” the frontman added. “Too many I say; but sadly, never enough.”

To put in a perspective that most of us would understand, the average count for a Harry Potter book was well around 150,000 while the Lord of the Rings clock in at around 500,000 words.

Funny enough, Corgan made the prediction of reaching around half a million words, but considering the fact that there are two new Smashing Pumpkins albums in the work, a reissue of Machina, Corgan’s current mission to develop a wrestling series for AMC, and that pesky search for a new drummer, it all indicates that the word count might even surpass his current prediction.