Tyler, the Creator’s Tracklist Revealed


Tyler, the Creator might be known to much of the world as the guy that had a curse word-filled acceptance speech at one  of the music awards a few years back, but that doesn’t mean that the rapper doesn’t have a fanbase. Even though most didn’t like the dude form that, it doesn’t mean that his fans aren’t as passionate about his like other fanclubs. They were probably so excited for his new album, Wolf, that some started to come up with a fake one tracklists which made its rounds on the web last week.

Last night, the real, official tracklist was finally released, revealing the many guest star that will be on the album including: Erykah Badu, Frank Ocean and Pharrell Williams.


01 “Wolf”
02 “Jamba” [ft. Hodgy Beats]
03 “Cowboy”
04 “Awkward”
05 “Domo23”
06 “Answer”
07 “Slater” [ft. Frank Ocean]
08 “48”
09 “Colossus”
10 “PartyIsntOver/Campfire/Bimmer” [ft. Laetitia Sadier, Frank Ocean]
11 “IFHY” [ft. Pharrell]
12 “Pigs”
13 “Parking Lot” [ft. Casey Veggies, Mike G]
14 “Rusty” [ft. Domo Genesis, Earl Sweatshirt]
15 “Trashwang” [ft. Na’kel, Jasper, Lucas, L-Boy, Taco, Left Brain, Lee Spielman]
16 “Treehome95” [ft. Coco O, Erykah Badu]
17 “Tamale”
18 “Lone”

Wolf is set to be released on April 2, until then, you can check out the video for the first single off the album, “Domo23”