Imagine Dragons Release ‘Who We Are’


Another day, another Hunger Games:Catching Fire soundtrack track is released onto the world. This time, the song comes courtesy of the guys behind this Summer’s hit song “Radioactive” and The Perks of Being a Wallflower theme song, “It’s Time,” Imagine Dragons.

The song is titled, “Who We Are” not to be confused with the Lifehouse song of the same titled or the Ke$ha song with a similar title. Until now, the soundtrack has already released several tracks on the public including the lead single from Coldplay which was released a few months ago. After that Christina Aguilera’s contribution, “We Remain” was released alone and recently with a trailer for the film. The Lumineers leaked their song while performing at a show of theirs and eventually the official track was unveiled and just yesterday, The National’s song, “Lean” was also revealed to the world.

All in all, it look like it’s going to be a pretty packed couple of weeks of Hunger Games-inspired things since the film is due out in just two weeks.

You can listen to the Imagine Dragons song over at Yahoo! here and tell us, as of now, which is your favorite song that has been released.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Soundtrack is due out on November 19 while the film hits theaters that Friday, November 22.

Oh, and in case you haven’t heard yet, it looks like Lionsgate are thinking about getting into the theme-park business and might be using the Hunger Games’ popularity to make it a smooth transition in. Can you imagine a theme park where only one survives or you’re stuck in a dreary world with only the Capitol as enjoyable? No, thanks.