Imagine Dragons Become “Warriors”

Universal Music Group 2014 Post-Grammy Party

It feels like the craze following Imagine Dragons has somewhat died down in the last few months. No longer do we hear “Radioactive” every hour, on the hour or do we see certain publications cry about how “they are the anti-rock stars.”

The last time we heard from the band, let alone wrote about them, was back in May when they revealed they had been asked to write a song for the recent installation of the Transformers franchise.

But just because they have been quiet, it doesn’t mean that the band have gone into hibernation or hiatus, rather, it looks like they were working on some new music.

The Las Vegas band took to their Facebook page on Wednesday to reveal the good news to their hordes of followers. “Pleased to announce a surprise” they wrote and then posted the video for their new song, “Warrior.”

While many of their fans are hoping that this is an indication of a new record on the horizon, sadly, it’s not. Those hoping for a follow-up their smash debut record, 2012’s Night Visions, might have to wait a little longer.

At least for now.

As for “Warrior,” the song was created for the battle arena video game, League of Legends while the music video was made in order to mirror the images from the game.

Check out the new song and video below.

Ke$ha Gets “Dirty” in Her Directorial Debut


Once you’ve gone on national television on your reality television show and revealed that you’ve had sex with a ghost or drank your own pee on camera, there really isn’t much more you can do to make people’s jaws drop to the floor.

For Ke$ha, being called a “crack whore” and all those lovely nicknames is just a normal day for the singer. In her directorial debut for her new music video, “Dirty Love,” she keeps up her party girl persona by playing a stripper.

In the video, she rocks garter belts, her now signature rainbow-colored hair and goes about writhing around on the floor. But that’s not all; she also gets doused in champagne which she spits at the camera and her fellow dancers in this grainy, almost sex tape like video.

“Death by glitter. hope u like it,” she wrote about her directorial debut on YouTube, adding that the song is her favorite off her Warrior album.

Oh Ke$ha, what are we going to do with you. Anyways, the video can been seen below and some warning ahead of time, the video’s a little NSFW.