Watch the Original Video for Avenged Sevenfold’s “Unholy Confession”


It’ s been eleven years to the day (August 26, 2003) since Avenged Sevenfold’s second studio album, Waking the Fallen made its debut and now, the band have released a special edition of the record in honor of its “unusual” anniversary.

Earlier in the year, the band had revealed that they would be returning to Hopeless Records, their former record label, to release Waking the Fallen: Resurrected.

As part of the re-release, Waking the Fallen: Resurrected includes 11 previously unheard tracks, new artwork, a 30-minute film which features archived footage from the band (alla All Excess DVD, we assume), and the original, uncut video for the third single off the album, “Unholy Confessions.”

Now, if you’re someone who watched the video that was released in 2004, then this video is really different, though we will admit to seeing it several years ago.

Welcome to the internet age.

The original video was a concept video which was later scrapped when the band decided they didn’t like the final product. In a way, we agree with the band’s decision though the warehouse set up is reminiscent of their music video for “Afterlife.”

Check the uncut video below and tell us which you prefer, though we might be a little bias on this one.

Avenged Sevenfold to Re-Release ‘Waking the Fallen’


Avenged Sevenfold have announced that they will be re-releasing their sophomore album, Waking the Fallen.

The re-release which is titled fittingly, Waking the Fallen: Resurrected, is the album that shot A7X into the mainstream with “Unholy Confession.”

The album is scheduled to be released on August 26; exactly 11 years after the album made its official debut.

Not only is the album’s release planned down to the exact date that it came out in 2003, it will also be released through the band’s former record label, through whom they released the record, Hopeless Records.

The reissue will release 11 previously unheard tracks, new artwork, the original cut of the “Unholy Confession” music video, and a 30-minute film featuring archived footage of the band alla All Excess DVD, we assume.

For those needing to add this reissue to their A7X collection, Hopeless has already begun pre-orders over at their site.

You can check out the trailer for the reissue below