Watch: Twenty One Pilots take fans behind the scenes for ‘Jumpsuit’

It’s been a few months since Twenty One Pilots surprised the Clique by releasing their first post-hiatus song and its accompanying music video, On Thursday (Sept. 6), the duo decided to treat fans to a behind-the-scenes look at what it took to create the music video for Trench‘s lead single, “Jumpsuit.”

The eight-minute clip begins with the music video’s director, Andrew Donoho (“Heathens” “Heavydirtysoul”), explaining how a two-week trip to Iceland and seeing the canyons (where the video was filmed) gave him the desire to film something at that location.

“Two years ago, I did a nice little 15-day trip around Iceland and I was always shocked at the craziness and the expanse of the canyons,” Donoho explains in the video.

“You’ll see it on camera, but in person it’s even wilder because you feel like you’re totally surrounded and enveloped. So I went hiking with some friends and I’ve wanted to film here since.”

As it turns out, after listening to Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun describe the world of Trench, the director knew that it would be the perfect fit to film the album’s music videos at the Icelandic canyons.

“When I kinda heard about the world Tyler and the team had created, I was super pumped because it described to the tee exactly what I had seen here, so it all worked out.”

The clip doesn’t just follow Donoho, it also follows Joseph, Dun, and the rest of the crew who participated in the creation of the “Jumpsuit” music video. Throughout the video, the viewer also watches as Dun gives a tour of different areas in the canyon, but it’s hard to know whether he’s being sarcastic or giving legitimate information. Watch the full clip above and make up your own mind.

“Jumpsuit” is the lead single from Twenty One Pilots’ forthcoming album. Trench is due out Oct. 5 through Fueled By Ramen. Pre-orders for the new album are currently available here. Joining “Jumpsuit” on the upcoming record will be previously released tracks “Nico and the Niners,” “Levitate,” and “My Blood.”

Watch Muse journey to the last movie rental store in ‘Something Human’

It’s been six months since Muse last released a new song, but when you’ve on the road touring nonstop for most of the year, it’s bound to happen. On Thursday (July 19), the United Kingdom-founded band fixed that by unleashed another 80s-tastic music video for their latest single “Something Human.” Described as “one man’s journey to return a VHS before he becomes a werewolf,” the music video pretty much lives up to that description.

The four-and-a-half-minute clip begins with a shot of a city limits sign with the word “infected” scrawled across it in bright red ink while a brightly lit skull sits at the base of the sign. The camera zooms passed the sign to a sports car and frontman Matt Bellamy. The viewer watches as Bellamy stands in the middle of a deserted road wearing what looks to be virtual reality headset as the sun rises in front of him.

The camera shifts to an item on the hood of the car which looks like a cross between a cassette player and VCR. Bellamy removes a VHS from the player (it’s titled “Simulation Theory”) and places it in its case and begins his journey to return the video. Along the way, he encounters some cops  (played by his band mates Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard) who are relentless as they try to catch him.

While he manages to evade them by going into a wormhole, things do not look promising for the singer when the full moon appears and he turns into a werewolf just as he’s about to enter the video store.

“Something Human” was directed by Lance Drake who also directed the videos for both “Dig Down” and “Thought Contagion.” Watch the music video above.

In addition to the new song and its accompanying clip, Muse also announced that their eighth studio album will finally see a release time frame of November of 2018. “Something Human,” “Thought Contagion” and “Dig Down” are expected to appear on the upcoming album. The still-untitled record will be the follow-up to Muse’s 2016 release, Drones.

Listen: Florence and the Machine debut two new songs at show

Last week, Florence and the Machine confirmed the release date, title, and first official single off their impending fourth studio album. During the weekend, the group followed up the annuncement with a performance at the Victoria Theatre in Halifax, England where they treated concertgoers to two new songs from High As Hope. Thanks to some fan-shot video, fans not in attendance were able to hear the new songs as well.

The first song is titled “Patricia” and according to frontwoman Florence Welch is “a tribute to one of my favorite artists.” The second new song from High As Hope is titled “100 Years” and as Welch put it “you can tell I wrote it because it’s literally three notes going down.”

In addition to a lengthy setlist which featured songs from their discography, the group also performed “Falling” from their 2009 debut, Lungs. Reportedly, it’s also the first time in nine years that they’ve performed the song. You can tell it’s been a while since they last performed the tune, because even Welch couldn’t remember the lyrics at the beginning of the video (“it’s been a long time!”).

Both “Patricia” and “100 Years” will join previously released tracks “Hunger” and “A Sky Full of Song” on the new albm. High As Hope will be released on June 29 through Republic Records. Pre-orders for the forthcoming record are currently available here.

High As Hope will reportedly feature contributions from Jamie xx, Sampha, Tobias Jesso Jr., and Kamasi Washington.

High As Hope is the follow-up to the group’s 2015 release, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.

Blessthefall unleash video for new single ‘Wishful Sinking’

Several weeks after confirming a new album with its first single, Blessthefall have returned with another new song from the record. On Wednesday (Feb. 14), the Arizona-founded band unleashed “Wishful Sinking,” the second single off their upcoming album, Hard Feelings.

“‘Wishful Sinking’ is one of the first songs we wrote for this album,” frontman Beau Bokan explains about the new song. “It’s got all the familiar Blessthefall vibes that any old school fan will recognize immediately. We wanted to do what we do best while finding a fresh sound. I think it’s one of the more dynamic songs vocally and musically. It takes you on a ride that ignites the whole album.”

Listen to “Wishful Sinking” above.

“Wishful Sinking” will join previously released single “Melodramatic” on the band’s impending new album, Hard Feelings. Hard Feelings is set to be released on March 23 through Rise Records. Pre-orders for the new album can be found on the band’s website.

Last month, Blessthefall confirmed the release of their sixth studio album as well as their decision to leave their longtime home of Fearless Records for Rise Records. According to an interview back in January, Bokan admitted that signing with Rise Records helped rejuvenate the band that has been in the music business for nine years and five studio albums.

In support of the new album’s release, Blessthefall are currently on tour with Of Mice and Men, Cane Hill, and Fire from the Gods. Tonight, the bands will perform at the Corona Theatre in Montreal, Quebec. The complete list of remaining tour dates can be found here.

Listen: Punchline drop new track featuring Relient K singer

It’s been a little over a month since Punchline released “Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself,” their first new song in almost two years. Now, the group has followed-up that song with another new tune. On Thursday (April 13), the group took to social media to unleash their second new song in a one-month span. The tune, “Darkest Dark,” was recorded in Nashville, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Chicago and was produced and written by the guys in Punchline. In addition to it being a brand new jam, the song also features guest vocals from a special guest; Relient K’s Matt Thiessen.

In a statement about the song on Facebook, the band explained that “it’s about being there for a friend, letting them know they can lean on you always.” Listen to “Darkest Dark” above. “Darkest Dark” is the band’s second new song since the release of 2015’s Thrilled. The unveiling of the new song coincides with the band reaching their $20,000 Kickstarter goal to fund a music special for Netflix.

Following the news that the band had reached their monetary goal, bassist Chris Fafalios posted a message to his followers on both his Facebook page, and the band’s, thanking the fans for their dedication and contributions.

“The only way we can really say thanks is by releasing a new album this summer, touring as much as possible, and making this the best Music Special imaginable,” Fafalios wrote. “My head is spinning with ideas for it.”

As if the promise of the music special and a new album wasn’t enough, Fafalios also threw in a bit about touring as much as the band can to thank their fans for helping them reach their goal for the music special. This summer, Punchline will hit the touring circuit to celebrate the group’s 20th anniversary by heading out on a short tour. Those dates can be seen here.

Listen: Bleachers unleash new single ‘Don’t Take the Money’

A day or so after teasing a brand new song was on the horizon, Bleachers has officially come through with the new track. On Friday (March 31), the Jack Antonoff-led act released their first new single since their 2014 debut, Strange Desire. Instead of giving fans the track outright, Antonoff sent fans on a scavenger hunt in New York City. The scavenger hunt led to an Antonoff piñata in Union Square filled with USBs that contained the brand new song.

The new song is titled “Don’t Take the Money” and features backing vocals from Lorde. Funny enough, Lorde not only contributed vocals to the song, but she also helped Antonoff write the song according to a tweet from the fun. guitarist. This isn’t the first time, or the last we can assume, the duo has worked together; co-produced Lorde’s sophomore album Melodrama. Listen to “Don’t Take the Money” above.

“‘Don’t Take the Money’ is a phrase I say in my head all the time. It has nothing to do with actual money. It means to follow the light. Don’t ignore a gut feeling,” explains Antonoff in Twitter post.

“Don’t take the money.’ I repeat it to myself when I’m trying to stay on track. Specifically in this song I’m writing about my relationship and the verse and chorus run quickly through the past and the fight leading to the euphoria of seeing the light with someone else.”

“Don’t Take the Money” will be featured on Bleachers’ yet-to-be-titled sophomore album. The new record will reportedly be released sometime in 2017, but with this single’s release, it may be closer than we all thought.

Watch Asking Alexandria’s first show with Danny Worsnop


It’s only been a few days since Asking Alexandria announced the departure of former vocalist Denis Stoff and the return of original vocalist Danny Worsnop. Now, it looks like fans from around the world have been given a chance to see the group’s first show after welcoming Worsnop back to the lineup. On Tuesday (Oct. 25), the British band kicked off Sumerian Records’ “10 Years of the Black” tour at the Showbox SoDo in Seattle.

It being Worsnop’s first show with the band in almost two years, it was only logical that audience members at the event would record videos of the show. Thanks to those fans, videos of the group performing can be found on YouTube. Some of those clips include live versions of “Welcome” from 2011’s Reckless & Relentless and “Moving On” from 2013’s From Death to Destiny.

Last week, Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce posted a Facebook live video in which he addressed that Stoff had departed the band. In the same video, he revealed that he had been talking with Worsnop for a bit, which resulted in him asking the former singer if he would be interested in returning to the group. As evident by the video, Worsnop agreed to fill in the vacant spot during the band’s fall tour. If that wasn’t enough, it was reported that the group has already recorded a brand new song with the former/not-former frontman.

Asking Alexandria just kicked off their “10 Years in the Black” tour with Born of Osiris, I See Stars, After the Burial, Upon A Burning Body, and Bad Omens. Tonight (Oct. 26), the tour takes a one-night break before hitting The Knitting Factory on Spokane, WA tomorrow (Oct. 27) evening. The complete list of tour dates can be found here.

My Chemical Romance tease fans with short clip


Well guys, it looks like The Black Parade news may not be a ten-year anniversary tour after all. A few hours after the initial cryptic clip was uploaded onto My Chemical Romance’s many social media accounts and website, Entertainment Weekly has revealed that the record will be getting the reissue treatment. According to a source who spoke with the entertainment publication, the reissue will feature previously unreleased demo clips. No more information was given so maybe we can still hold out for a massive Black Parade ten-year anniversary tour.

It’s been over three years since New Jersey’s My Chemical Romance called it a day. Since that time, the band members have teased that there could always be a reunion of sorts in the future; if the timing was right. On Wednesday (July 20), the currently-defunct band made headlines when a brand new post was uploaded onto several of their still-active social media accounts. The posts all contained the same thing; a 34-second clip featuring a white flag with a black cross, waving in the wind. As the video comes to an end, the clip of the flag shifts to a white screen displaying the date “9/23/16” in black.

As many fans have already begun to speculate, this could be the band hinting at a potential reunion just in time to celebrate the ten-year anniversary for their third studio album The Black Parade. The record, which earned the band a number two spot on the Billboard 200, was released on Oct. 23, 2006. If the dates closely coinciding weren’t enough to back up the theory, the band’s updated profile picture might. On Facebook and Twitter, their former profile picture has been removed and replaced by a white background featuring the same black cross from the cryptic video. Unlike the clip, the image includes the letters “M,” “C,” “R,” and “X” which can be assumed to stand from “My Chemical Romance 10.”

In addition to the cryptic video and updated social media profile pictures, the band’s website has also been given a face lift. Currently, the website is decked out in white and black and features the video and what appears to be brand new merchandise. According to the website, the band will be releasing new line of merchandise that will be sold exclusively at Hot Topic and on the website.

With more than two months left until the official announcement is made, the most logical explanation behind the video, and the sudden update, is that the band will reunite to celebrate The Black Parade’s momentous occasion. Until then, fans can only hope that a ten-year anniversary tour is in the future. Watch the 34-second clip below.

Billy Talent release first new song in years


It’s been a couple of years since Billy Talent has released new music and now, the group has returned with their first single in four years. On Thursday (May 12), the Canadian band joined forces with Alternative Press to release their first single off of their upcoming new album, Afraid of Heights. The new track is the album’s title track.

In an accompanying video, which can be seen here, the band reveal what inspired them to name the new  record “afraid of heights.” “This record is about struggle, both within ourselves and within the society we live,” the voice over in the accompanying video says.

“It’s about asking questions. It’s about friendship and loyalty and it’s about choosing to not accept things that don’t apply to us. That don’t represent us. It’s about believing in the person that’s reflected in the mirror and taking responsibility. It’s about the pressures that society creates and how we’re all trying to figure out where we fit in. It’s about following your dreams and knowing that when you get knocked down you have to get back up. It’s about listening to our planet and learning to respect her. It’s about love and loss and life… but more importantly it’s about the power of ROCK ’N’ ROLL.”

Listen to the audio for “Afraid of Heights” below.

Afraid of Heights is set to be released on July 29 through The End/Warner Music Canada. For those who are enjoying the new track, it was officially uploaded onto iTunes for purchase on Friday morning (May 13). Afraid of Heights is the follow-up to the band’s fourth studio album, Dead Silence though in 2014 they released a greatest hits record titled, Hits.