5 Seconds of Summer and the Chainsmokers share their new live video for ‘Who Do You Love’ (Watch)

While we’re still not sure who the antagonist in “Who Do You Love” truly loves and why she left cigarettes in her Fendi coat, we do know that 5 Seconds of Summer and the Chainsmokers really do love giving fans different versions of their current radio staple. On Tuesday (April 2), the Australian band and the New York-founded duo unleashed another performance-based video for their collaboration.

Unlike the studio version of the track which is more electronic than rock, the latest live video finds the acts letting the rock sound take precedence while the electronics take a backseat.

The over-four-minute clip also finds the groups toning down the dramatic in a big way as the performance takes place in a somewhat tight warehouse with lots of flashing lights.  This is a departure from their over-the-top, “Scott Pilgrim v.s. the World“-inspired music video.

The best part of the video comes towards the end when all of the guys involved in the song come together for one major instrumental breakdown.

Don’t believe us? Watch the live video for “Who Do You Love” above.

We’re taking bets this will be the version 5 Seconds of Summer and the Chainsmokers decide to perform on their upcoming World War Joy tour.

Speaking of the World War Joy tour, the previously announced tour will find both acts performing at venues across the continent throughout September, October, November, and December.

The 41-stop jaunt begins on Sept. 25 at the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati and concludes two and a half months later on Dec. 6 at Pepsi Live at Rogers Arena in Vancouver. The full list of tour dates can be found here.

Fall Out Boy Dropping New Album, One Track at a Time

While most of us are nursing an All Time Low hangover, Fall Out Boy are trying to be a sneaky bunch by giving their fans the chance to listen to their new album ahead of schedule.

This morning, the band posted that they will be giving their fans the chance to listen to the American Beauty/American Psycho a week in advance with one catch; they won’t release all the tracks at the same time.

Instead, they’ve turned it into a game of releasing a new track at the most random times of the day. As of now, we’re pretty sure they have released the vast majority if not the full album already.

“Centuries,” “American Beauty/American Psycho,” “The Kids Aren’t Alright,” “Irresistible,” and “Uma Thurman” were previously released and now we have added many more to our ever-expanding list below.

We also assume a couple of more will be released throughout the rest of the day.

Check out the newest additions to the American Beauty/American Psycho playlist which also includes a cover of Bruno Mars’ latest hit, “Uptown Funk.”

Nine Inch Nails Document Their Comeback


This has definitely turned out to be the week of Nine Inch Nails. On Tuesday, they let fans listen to their new album in full on iTunes for free. Yesterday, they revealed that there will be an audiophile version of Hesitation Marks coming out as well, but it would in no way challenge the original; rather it’s a different take on it.

Today, they have come back with a more great news for their fans; there’s a 13-minute documentary about the comeback tour.  Nine Inch Nails had teamed up with Vevo to record everything that it took for the band to make their comeback especially with a new line-up. The documentary is made up of interviews with Trent Reznor and the other band members, the band’s art director Rob Sheridan, and more in the days leading up to NIN’s performance at this year’s Fuji Rock in Tokyo.

The documentary can be seen here and don’t forget, as if you could at this rate, Hesitation Marks comes out on September 3, but if you want you can head on over to iTunes and listen to it for free.