Pierce the Veil Guitarist to Miss Beginning of Warped Tour

Pierce the Veil are going to be down a member for the beginning of the 2015 Vans Warped Tour.

According to a Facebook post on the band’s account, guitarist Tony Perry sustained massive injuries over the weekend after an “incident” while riding his mountain bike.

PTV frontman Vic Fuentes went onto the social media platform to update fans on why Perry will be missing several days of the upcoming Summer trek. Perry sustained massive injuries including “three broken ribs, a torn shoulder, collapsed lung, and a broken sternum” which required the guitarist to undergo immediate surgery.

The upside to all the bad news is that Perry is expected to make a full recovery though the projected time frame for his return to the group is still up in the air.

It looks like he’s in good spirits about everything that has happened so far, at least from the picture that was uploaded alongside the message to fans.


As of now, the band have not revealed who will be filling in for Perry while he recovers from the surgery. The announcement, if any, will probably be made before the first day of the tour this Friday.

Read the complete post by Fuentes below and don’t forget to go onto Twitter (or any other social media platform) and wish Perry a speedy recovery.

“Hey everyone, it’s Vic. I’m sad to say that I have some bad news for you. Our guitar player @tonyperry was recently hospitalized for an incident while riding his mountain bike last weekend. He sustained 3 broken ribs, a torn shoulder, collapsed lung and a broken sternum, for which he needed immediate surgery to repair. Fortunately, his surgery went very well, and he is expected to make a full recovery. He was released from the hospital yesterday, but due to doctors orders, he will not be joining us for the beginning of Warped Tour until he is healthy enough to play. We will still be carrying on with the tour as planned, and we hope to see @tonyperry back on stage with us very soon. Your fan support is greatly appreciated, so be sure to send Tony some love while he’s healing up! Thanks and we’ll see you all on Warped!”

Vans Warped Tour UK Announce 2015 Line-Up


Warped Tour fans in the United Kingdom, the list of artists slated to perform at the 2015 Warped Tour UK have now been announced.

The UK incarnation of the North American based traveling festival will be co-headlined by Asking Alexandria (with their new singer) and Black Veil Brides; two bands who are also headlining this year’s Warped Tour. In addition to the co-headliners, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, Forever Came Calling, Memphis May Fire, Metro Station, The Rocket Summer, and many more will also play the show slated to take place on Oct. 18 at London’s Alexandra Palace.

The complete list of bands for the one-day show can be seen below, alphabetically.

Asking Alexandria
August Burns Red
Black Veil Brides
Blitz Kids
Boy Jumps Ship
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
Fearless Vampire Killers
Forever Came Calling
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes
Ghost Town
In Hearts Wake
John Coffey
Memphis May Fire
Metro Station
Reel Big Fish
Rob Lynch
The One Hundred
The Rocket Summer
The Word Alive
Trophy Eyes
Twin Wild
Young Guns

Warped Tour festival organizers revealed last month that they would taking the traveling show to the UK once again this year, but at the time of the revelation, the identity of the artists was being kept under wraps. Early bird tickets for the show went on sale last month.

Vans Warped Tour Day One to Stream on Yahoo

With a week until the 2015 Vans Warped Tour is slated to kick off their summer trek, organizers have revealed that the first day of the festivities are going to be broadcast live.

Those who might not be able to attend this year’s traveling rock show due to issues, will get the opportunity to watch 30 artists from this years line-up on four different stages from the comfort of their homes. The live broadcast will also feature backstage access as well as some behind-the-scenes footage.

The stream of the Pomona, CA stop on June 19 will go live at 11 a.m. PST (2 p.m. for those on the east coast) on Yahoo.

The list of artists who will be performing during the live broadcast can be seen below.


  • Attila
  • We Came As Romans
  • The Amity Affliction
  • Transit
  • Beartooth
  • Memphis May Fire
  • Black Veil Brides
  • August Burns Red
  • Bebe Rexha
  • Blessthefall
  • Mooseblood
  • Riff Raff
  • Neck Deep
  • As It Is
  • Night Riots
  • This Wild Life
  • Set It Off
  • Family Force Five
  • Metro Station
  • Never Shout Never
  • Mod Sun
  • Hands Like Houses
  • Motion City Soundtrack
  • Juliet Simms
  • Citizen
  • Man Overboard
  • Icon For Hire
  • The Wonder Years
  • Lee Corey Oswald
  • Miss May I

Vans Warped Tour 2015 Stage Guide Unveiled

It’s starting to feel a lot like Vans Warped Tour season.

The official stage guide for the 2015 incarnation of the yearly tour has been unveiled. Not only does the stage guide give fans the chance to get familiar with the names of the stages for the punk rock summer camp, but they also get the chance to get acquainted with what stages will house their favorite acts this Summer.

Sadly, the stage guide is just that, a guide so no set times have been unveiled. Like Warped tradition, the set times will not be announced until the morning of each show.

Word to the wise, keep checking social media the day of your show for someone to hopefully post up a picture of the famous inflatable schedule. And if you happen to be one of the people who like to get there just as gates are opening, please be kind and upload those pictures. We appreciate it a lot.

Falling in Reverse Drummer to Join Matchbook Romance on Warped Tour


Falling in Reverse are going to be down a member this Summer, but before fans of the group can start getting upset about it, it’s only going to be temporary. Plus, FIR have begun their own personal “summer break.”

Today (June 9), it was announced that FIR drummer, Ryan Seaman, will be hitting the Vans Warped Tour this Summer, but not with his band. Instead, the sticksman is going to be playing drums for Matchbook Romance as they make their return to the touring circuit.

Seaman will begin his time as Matchbook Romance’s drummer on June 23 in Mesa, AZ at Quail Run Park and will conclude his trek alongside the Poughkeepsie band on July 8 in Virginia Beach at the Farm Bureau Live at Virginia Beach.

After the Virginia Beach date, Matchbook Romance drummer Aaron Stern will return to his place behind the drum kit on the traveling rock show.

In a statement, Seaman revealed that this was the best way for him to repay the band for what in a way led to the formation of Falling in Reverse (Seaman meeting FIR frontman Ronnie Radke).

“I actually met Ronnie on a tour that my old band did with Matchbook 10 years ago and who would have ever thought that one day Ronnie and I would be in a band together, all based on a night in Las Vegas at House of Blues. Matchbook needed a trustworthy friend to fill in, and I owe a lot to these guys.

And since Falling In Reverse have the summer off and was okay with me doing this, I feel like now is a better time than ever to help out people that first helped out me. I’m really pumped on seeing you all out there. Come say hi if you see me!”

Matchbook Romance are slated to play the complete Warped Tour while Falling in Reverse recently wrapped up their “Ronnie Radke’s Three Ring Circus Tour” last Friday (June 5).

Man Overboard Show Us the Ugly World with “Cliffhanger”

Man Overboard’s new album is set to be released at the end of the month and now the New Jersey-based band have released the music video for another new track off the impending record.

The music video is for the fifth song to be released from Heavy Love, “Cliffhanger.”

The video takes the viewer on a front row look, via  television screen, at all the craziness that is going on around us which most likely has a huge influence on us at the end of the day. Images include fights at hockey games, crazy weather in parts of the country, images from battlefields across the world, stupid reality television programs, and much more that you might need to watch the video a couple of times.

Fuse were the first to premiere the video and got the opportunity to ask guitarist Wayne Wildrick about it.

“What this video is trying to show are the variables out of our control that our jammed down our throats every second of the day that affects the way we perceive and gauge our own success,” explains Wildrick.

“It’s always hard to find yourself between extreme social and political gaps. Punk rock always brought the outside world to the listener’s attention, and it seems that has been lost lately and the focus is more on inner struggle. We believe most of that inner struggle comes from mental oppression, which we portray in the video. We hope you make the connection. And if you don’t that’s okay too. Just bang your head and enjoy the music.”

Watch the video below.

“Cliffhanger” joins previously released tracks “She’s in Pictures,” “Splinter,” “Now That You’re Home,” and “Borderline” on Heavy Love which is due out on June 30 through Rise Records.

Don’t forget to catch Man Overboard this Summer on the Vans Warped Tour.

Kevin Lyman Reveals Plan to Make Warped Tour a Safer Place

Kevin Lyman lays out his plans to make Warped Tour a safer place (Op-Ed)

Over the past couple of months, Vans Warped Tour head honcho Kevin Lyman has been under a lot of scrutiny follow a handful of sexual allegations against artists (and a YouTuber) he had tapped to play this year’s tour.

After trying to figure out ways to combat all the hate from fans, or former fans at this rate, of the festival, Lyman began to write a three-part Op-Ed for Alternative Press, addressing the issues.

In the most recent installation, in which he reveals he complete by-passed Op-Ed two, he revealed his plan which he hopes will help prevent all of these types of cases and make the scene a lot more safe for those underage fans attending.

Check out his five point plan below and if you want to help out in any way, shoot Lyman a tweet or something.

1. At this point we are reaching out to many organizations that focus on sexual abuse, cyberbullying, predator awareness and teen suicide to encourage them to come out to Warped Tour this summer. Pick up their information and put it in a safe place, use it if you ever need to.

2. I have started to speak to many artists, managers, labels and other people in our world about shooting a number of PSAs for a soon-to-be-named program. I will ask those who choose to participate to have them on a splash page for anyone trying to enter their sites. It may get repetitive, but at this point, it’s needed.

3. Being In A Band 101: We are not preparing our bands for this world. I am developing a course that any band or artist will be required to attend before they are put on a national tour. This course will be taught by professionals in the field of adolescent behavior, artists who have been there, have possibly had transgressions and how to avoid the mistakes they made, with the possibility that the “scared straight” approach will help with people entering our world. I will be speaking to people all summer to get them onboard. Hopefully, they will agree this course is as important as social media promotion 101—or some other things young bands have to learn.

4. In addition, I am going to reach out to YouTube, Twitter and the management companies who work with young personalities to implement this program in their worlds. At this point, the YouTubers are living in a fantasy world and are paid by these companies to pitch products. Many drop out of high school, gain the illusion of power and then when the real world comes into play, many have no ability on how to handle it.

5. I am looking for an organization or hotline to partner with in the future, one that will encourage you to contact them if you ever feel threatened by anyone within this world we live in. I speak to so many parents who have just given up monitoring or being involved with their kids and the internet, because you are smarter than all of us and we can’t keep up with technology. It is not that we don’t want to; our brains do not process things the way yours does. You can bypass any security setting if you choose, hack into sites, create phantom accounts and personalities. Most parents gave up trying to figure this out. You won: Now you just need to figure out how you can safely manage the online world you so easily navigate. Regardless if it’s online or the real world, there are truly sick people out there who know how to manipulate you and we hear about it everyday. Again, I implore you to be careful.

Vans Warped Tour UK Heading Back to London


Vans Warped Tour fans who live across the pond, get ready because the traveling rock show will be heading that way this Fall.

It was announced earlier in the day that the 2015 Vans Warped Tour UK will be returning to Alexandra Palace in London on Oct.18.

As of now, the line-up for the one day event has not been revealed, but those interested in attending should keep an eye out on June 17, when the line-up will reportedly be released.

As the poster below shows, early bird tickets are currently available on the festival’s website.


Set It Off Part Ways with Bassist Following Sexual Assault Allegations


After several hours of quiet since he was publicly removed from Set It Off, Austin Kerr has finally responded with a statement of his own about the allegations against him.

“As of two days ago I became aware of some serious allegations against me. There are two sides of every story and then there’s the truth. Fact is, I’m a guy who hasn’t always considered the way people may perceive my actions and while never forceful, there’s situations where I’ve been too pushy in several matters. I am taking full responsibility for my actions and behavior. I am so sorry for the effects of my actions and I apologize to anyone who has ever been made to feel uncomfortable by me in any capacity. I promise you it was NEVER my intention and I never thought I was entitled to anything.

I will carry myself differently in every matter I’m a part of from this day on. Upon first hearing of these matters, I immediately stopped drinking anywhere near shows, and stopped doing anything that might make someone uncomfortable (i.e. hugging them, picking them up, etc.). I will continue for the rest of my life being fully observant of other people’s feelings. After talking with the band, we have all agreed that I should part ways as nothing in this this should be attached to them in any way. I got to live my dream for years. For all the times, lessons and memories, I am so grateful.

Unfortunately attached to these allegations are half stories, exaggerations and untruthful statements. Since the tumblr post was released I have been approached by multiple people by their own accord who were there and can varify that some statements made are fictional or have proof of their falsehoods.

The truth is I’ve made people feel uncomfortable and I’m sorry. I encourage everyone to read into things before they believe them or make judgements. In often cases a lack of proof means something.

Moving forward, I am actively working on improving and making better decisions so that I will never make anyone feel like this again.”

It seems like with each passing day, more and more musicians are being accused of disorderly conduct when it comes to their underage fans.

We’re not sure if it’s because they like to use their “celebrity” label more, or if it has to do with presence of social media, or maybe the bands that we grew up with were a little more respectful when it came to their fans, but the truth is, things are getting out of control.

Today another band has found themselves in hot water due to a band member and their alleged misconduct with an underage fan, this time, in the United Kingdom.

According to the alleged victim/writer of a Tumblr blog post, there were several instances in which she encountered (now former) Set It Off bassist Austin Kerr which resulted in awkward interacts that made her uncomfortable. Instances, according to her, included Kerr making sexual innuendos, inappropriately touching not only her but her friends, and sending her (screen shots are included in the post) weird messages online.

Instead of letting these allegations hurt the Florida-based band, who are slated to begin the Vans Warped Tour in July, they quickly and swiftly took to their Facebook to release an official statement on the matter.

In the post, which can be seen below, they do not cite the blog as the reason behind Kerr’s removal, but they do make reference to it by saying that rumors were brought to their attention and that their number one priority is the safety of their fans.

While we’re not going to post the specifics from the blog here, we will give the link to it (seen here) for those interested in reading what reportedly happened to the writer.

Like out disclaimer every time a story like this comes out, we’re not going to take any sides, but we will keep this updated when new information about it becomes known.

As to what Set It Off are going to do now that they are down a member, we’re not sure. They have an upcoming tour stop this Friday (May 22) at the Bullingdon Club in Oxford, UK and have confirmed any and all upcoming shows will remain in full effect; no cancellations.

It’s also a good time to point out that Kerr has not made a statement about the accusations against him either. His last post on Twitter was from yesterday.

Vans Warped Tour Unveil Complete 2015 Line-Up


After months of patiently waiting for Warped Wednesdays to get the newest additions to this year’s line-up, the wait has officially come to an end. Yesterday at the Vans Warped Tour Kick-Off concert nine artists were unveiled and today another one was added to that list. To the surprise, or maybe not, of everyone the final band to be hitting main stage this Summer will be Pierce the Veil.

Anyway, check out the complete line-up below and if you still have no idea when the traveling rock how is slated to hit you town, check out the full tour schedule here. We know for a fact that our Warped date has been moved up almost a month, so it might be good to check that out.


Pierce The Veil

Knuckle Puck
Kaya Stewart
Macy Kate
Miss May I
Senses Fail
The Bunny The Bear

Beth Stelling (6/19-6/26)
Chase Bernstein (6/27-7/12)
Dave Ross (7/1-7/12)
Eli Olsberg
Eric Swartz (7/26-8/8)
Grant Cotter
Sammy Obeid (6/19-6/30)
Sandy Danto (7/26-8/8)

A+ Dropouts (6/19-7/3)
August Burns Red
Drama Club
False Puppet (7/23-8/8)
Memphis May Fire
We Came As Romans
Ascot Royals
Never Shout Never
Rivers Monroe
Carousel Kings
Mallory Knox
Man Overboard
Aaron West
American Opera
Brian Marquis
Hutton Baird
Say We Can Fly
Speak Low
Grey Gordon
Meghann Wright
Onward Etc
Major League
Set It Off
Motion City Soundtrack (6/19-6/21)
New Years Day
The Kenneths
New Beat Fund
Alvarez Kings
The Karma Killers
MC Lars
Mod Sun
Bebe Rexha
Black Veil Brides
Juliet Simms
Metro Station
Koo Koo Kanga Roo
Night Riots
Night Argent
The Amity Affliction
This Wild Life
Jule Vera
Our Last Night
Riff Raff
The Dirty Nil
Candy Hearts
I Killed The Prom Queen
Sirens And Sailors
Youth In Revolt
Born Cages
Rotting Out
While She Sleeps
Matchbook Romance
Icon For Hire
Baby Baby
The Relapse Symphony
Escape The Fate
Hands Like Houses
Le Castle Vania
Fit For A King
Beautiful Bodies
Lee Corey Oswald
Trophy Eyes
Family Force 5
Kosha Dillz
Asking Alexandria
Have Mercy
Being As An Ocean
The Wonder Years
Black Boots
As It Is
Alive Like Me
Neck Deep
Moose Blood