Watch Neon Trees get ghosted in ‘Used to Like’

Neon Trees is back with the music video for their latest single!

On Thursday (Jan. 30), the Utah-founded band unleashed the music video for their “comeback” track “Used to Like.”

The almost-four-minute clip begins with a shot of a long, narrow hallway, illuminated by neon-colored lights. Standing at the end of the “Shining”-esque pathway is a bedsheet ghost (yes, like the one from the Charlie Brown Halloween special).

The location shifts from the hallway into the actual hotel room where Neon Trees frontman Tyler Glenn is getting his drink on with a slew of empty glasses littering every flat surface. In between drinking, Glenn is found staring at his phone, waiting for a response from someone whose image is a ghost emoji (is he getting ghosted?).

As he looks at the bumbling city below, the bedsheet ghost appears next to him. Feeling like he’s had enough, Glenn escapes his hotel prison and takes to the streets (thankfully, he’s responsible enough to have a driver).

As he gallivants around town, that pesky ghost just doesn’t leave him alone, though he may be welcoming the attention by texting this random person nonstop.

He ends up at a nightclub where the rest of the band members are waiting for him. Seeing that he’s beyond sloshed, the three others give him their own form of disappointing looks.

Instead of trying to intervene, they let him go because he is an adult, after all. One thing leads to another, and Glenn ends up going home with a fellow club-goer (you go, Glenn Coco).

But, if you thought the ghost would vanish after this interaction, you’d be wrong. The sheet ghost is still there, creeping on the singer.

Watch the music video for “Used to Like” above.

“Used to Like” comes four years after Neon Trees decided to take a break from the music world and embark on their own journeys. While they were on hiatus, they did release two non-album singles, “Songs I Can’t Listen To” in 2015 and “Feel Good” in 2017.

During their time off, Glenn released his debut solo album, Excommunication. The singer also appeared on Broadway in the now-closed production of “Kinky Boots” as Charlie Price.

Neon Trees’ last studio album was 2014’s Pop Psychology, but it looks like we should expect some new tunes from them sometime this year.