30 Seconds to Mars Release ‘Up in the Air’ Video

30 Seconds to Mars

30 Seconds to Mars have been releasing clips from their music video for “Up in the Air” for about a week now. The clips featured Olympic gymnast, McKayla Maroney, Burlesque queen, Dita von Teese and a random woman named Anastasia.

Today, the band released the full, eight minute music video for the song that made headlines for being launched into space and them premiered for the first time from the space station.

Check out the full video, or shall we call it “mini-film” right here.

30 Second to Mars’ new album, LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS, which features “Up in the Air” will be released on May 21.

30 Seconds to Mars Streaming “Up in the Air”

30 Seconds to Mars

It’s finally here, the song that 30 Seconds to Mars launched into space a little under four weeks ago has officially hit the web, just like they promised.

The song, “Up in the Air” first started to receive publicity when the band featuring Jared Leto, brother Shannon and Tomo Miličević, decided to be the second artists to release a song from deep in space. Last year, Will.i.am did something similar releasing a song when the Mars Rover landed on Mars.

Back in February, the band made the trek to Cape Canaveral to watch a CD of their song be launched into to space with a package for those astronauts up in the space center. After that had been done, the band revealed that on March 18 (today) they would go to Houston to chat/have a Q&A session via video chat with astronaut, Tom Marshburn as he received the package.

Without further ado, Echelon members, here’s “Up in the Air” (ignore the continuous ‘I Heart Radio’ plugs):

Even after the premiere of the new song, the band went on to announce even bigger news; the band that probably never sleeps will be releasing a new album titled, Love Lust Faith + Dreams on May 21. The album art and full track listing can be seen below.


1. ‘Birth’
2. ‘Conquistador’
3. ‘Up In The Air’
4. ‘City Of Angels’
5. ‘The Race’
6. ‘End Of All Days’
7. ‘Pyres Of Varanasi’
8. ‘Bright Lights’
9. ‘Do Or Die’
10. ‘Convergence’
11. ‘Northern Lights’
12. ‘Depuis Le Debut’