Watch the First Two Minutes of ‘The Veronica Mars Movie’


The Veronica Mars Movie is now two weeks away and Marshmallows hitting the theaters to see the highly anticipated film are itching in their seats; believe us, we are definitely one of them.

Just a little while ago, the people behind the film released the first two minutes from the movie on the official Veronica Mars Facebook page. The over two-minute long clip, refreshes people’s memories about just how Veronica became a “teenage P.I.” and her turbulent relationship with Logan. ¬†At the end of the clip, she reveals that a lot has changed since she left Neptune and now she’s a cuddly Marshmallow.

We highly doubt that.

The clip can be seen below and if you haven’t already purchased tickets to see the film’s advance screening, you might want to check that out to see if there are any more at your closest location.