Tom DeLonge Confirms Release of Blink-182 Demos


A few weeks ago, while the internal blink-182 drama was going on, former singer Tom DeLonge posted a cryptic message on Instagram leading fans to believe that he would be releasing the new blink demos he had been working on at the beginning of March.

Then, last night, the Angels and Airwaves singer took to Twitter to confirm that he would, in fact, be releasing those demos on March 1 on Though several screenshots of the tweet have been posted on the internet, it appears that the original post had been deleted when we went to confirm the information.

The deletions of tweets is not uncommon for DeLonge. He previously deleted a tweet about blink-182 during the middle of the inner band feud.

At the current moment, the website is not live, but we’re expecting it to do so at the beginning of next month. Check out one of the many screenshots of DeLonge’s confirmation about the song, though we are a little on the skeptical side since the original post is not here for us to confirm.

Incubus Debut “Absolution Calling”

Incubus promised us a new song last week, and now we have received it.

Th new track, the band’s first new official song since 2011’s If Not Now, When?, is titled “Absolution Calling” and can be heard below.

As if the new song wasn’t enough, the band also revealed that they will be releasing two new EPs this year.

According to some sources the first of the two album could be released as soon as the end of this month while the second album has a projected release time frame of this Summer.

“Absolution Calling” will join “Make Out Party,” “Dance Like You’re Dumb,” and previously performed song, “Trust” Fall,” which made its performance debut back in December at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas.

Incubus to Debut New Song Next Week

Incubus fans, get pumped because new music is officially on the horizon.

After posting pictures from the studio, alluding to a new recording being produced, and dropping hints in interviews, Incubus have now confirmed that new music will be coming our way soon.

Taking to Twitter, and Instagram, frontman Brandon Boyd posted a picture of himself smiling with a caption on the bottom revealing that their first new song since 2011’s If Not Now, When? is set to debut next Thursday, Feb. 5. The song will be titled, “Absolution Calling.”

Boyd had been hinting at new music for a while now, even confirming during a radio interview that 2015 would bring a brand new record to the hands of excited fans. Guitarist Mike Einziger would later reinforce the statement when asked about the topic on Twitter.

Shortly after that, Einziger began to post pictures of the band in the studio recording new music, cementing the talk about an eighth studio album being made. (Maybe fans should be grateful that the Jesus Christ Superstar tour Boyd was supposed to a part of got cancelled last year.)

As of now, there has been no mention of an album title or a release date, but we should feel lucky, at least we got a song title.

Asking Alexandria Lose Significant Member


Asking Alexandria fans were given some serious news last night when frontman Danny Worsnop announced he had officially left the band.

The frontman, who has fronted the band since its reformation in 2008, revealed the news on Twitter (via Twitlonger).

In the message, he explains that he and the band had moved in different directions with the best decision for the band being his departure.

He does reassure fans that Asking Alexandria will continue touring as well as continue working on a new record.
Funny enough, Worsnop’s side band (now new band, we assume) We Are Harlot will release their self-titled, debut album on March 21 through Roadrunner Records.

Check out the full message below.

“To all of my friends and fans:

I would like to let you know that Asking Alexandria and I are moving forward in separate ways. Over the last eight years together we’ve done some amazing things and created something truly special. I now, same as then, want what’s best for the band and at this point in time, that isn’t me. Asking Alexandria will continue to tour throughout the year and will be working on a new album. I will always support and love Asking Alexandria and cannot wait to see what the future holds for them. I am excited for the next chapter of my life with We Are Harlot and will see you all on the road!”

Bonnaroo 2015 Line-Up Confirmed

Bonnaroo 2015 lineup

The Bonnaroo 2015 line-up reveal is currently underway and already a good chunk of the performers have been unveiled.

Many fans took to Twitter to reveal that not only did the 1-844-ROO-2015 number actually worked, but also that they were gifted certain performers names.

Check out the full line-up for the weekend-long festival due to take place June 11-14 in Manchester, TN.

Embedded image permalink

Tickets for Bonnaroo 2015 go on sale beginning this Saturday, Jan. 17 at Noon on the festival’s website.

Craig Owens Reveals Cinematic Sunrise News


Craig Owens just revealed great news for fans of one of his side projects. If you were hoping it was news about Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows (or D.R.U.G.S. like we know it), then sadly this update is not for you.

If you are/were a fan of Owens’ Cinematic Sunrise, then you are the people we’re looking at.

Earlier in the day, a fan posted a tweet about wanting another Cinematic Sunrise album for the new year, including Owens’ Twitter handle in the message. What she probably didn’t expect was that Owens would respond to the message revealing that the group currently had six new songs; all record after 2012, but it has not been an easy feat.

Cinematic Sunrise guitarist, Bryan Beeler, also chimed in on the new music by jokingly writing, “Sounds like a New Years resolution…think people would want new songs? #CinSun2015 #NewRecord #WorldTour”

Now, we’re not completely sure if this was some form of confirmation that a new Cinematic Sunrise album might be in the works with a possible release time frame of 2015, but it would be a mean joke if it wasn’t true.

Check out the Twitter exchange below and tell us what you think about it? Yes? No? Maybe so?

Cinematic Sunrise released their debut, and only album, A Coloring Storybook and Long Playing Record back in 2008 through Equal Vision Records.

New Fall Out Boy Singles to Debut in January

As we continue our Fall Out Boy watch 2014 clear into the new year, the band have already announced they will be releasing two new single in early 2015.

In a post they uploaded onto Twitter a few days ago, they confirmed the first of the two new singles will be dropped on Jan. 5 while the second one is set to be released on Jan. 12. As of now, no titles for the two tracks have been revealed.

All this is part of their marketing strategy for the release of their new album, American Beauty/American Psycho due out on Jan. 20. As of now, they have released three songs from the album which includes, lead single “Centuries,” “American Beauty/ American Psycho,” “The Kids Aren’t Alright,” and “Immortals” which according to the band will not be the same version they recorded for Disney’s Big Hero 6.

As well as the announcement of the new songs, the band also teased that some big announcement will be “coming soon.”

If we were beating people, we would put our money on them announcing a new tour, but we’re not, so we won’t.

The new year is already shaping to be a full one for Fall Out Boy. Frontman Patrick Stump is currently in the middle of playing judge on NBC’s a cappella competition show, The Sing Off and this coming Wednesday, they will be performing several songs on Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution.

Spinnerette Vocalist Speaks Out Against Accused “Girl/Body Shaming”


Feminism has become the buzzword of 2014 with many women and some men alike trying to explain to a close-minded world what the real meaning behind feminism. And no, it’s not a bunch of women proclaiming that men are scum and useless.

From Beyoncé’s performance at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards to Emma Watson and her new campaign for equality for all, #HeForShe, it’s all about getting equality no matter your sex.

But, no matter how hard you try to educate people on the meaning of the word or to try to teach others not to “slut-shame” or talk negative about each other (“girl-bashing”), there will always be one person who will try to accuse those doing the teaching of being hypocrites.

Brody Dalle formerly of the Distillers and Spinnerette had to put someone in their place after they accused the singer of “slut-shaming” Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea for tweets she wrote about her impression of the duo’s music video for “Booty.”

On Twitter, Dalle simply wrote the following about the “booty-centric” music video by the two Top 20 radio staples.

Of course, not everyone agreed withDalle’s observation on the music video and accused her of “girl-bashing” and “slut-shaming.”

Instead of letting it slide, Dalle responded to the Twitter user by publishing a lengthy response asking the user “How are the lyrics ‘Give him what he asks for’ empowering to women? How? How is spreading your bottom apart and singing ‘Give him what he asks for’ empowering at all?'”

Read the full essay here and believe us, it’s lengthy, but well worth it.

“From : Kayla @KaylaElaine87
@BrodyDalle well done. Your rants have inspired lots of girl hate and slut and body shaming.

@BrodyDalle plus don’t you love Wendy O? Why is it ok for her to objectify herself but not the others? PS I love you, I just think yur wrong

Dear Kayla,

Slut shaming? Body shaming? Girl hating? Please don’t assign incorrect motives to my tweets. It is you who is implying they are “sluts”, not me. The definition for slut is “a woman who has many casual partners”. Since when did being scantily clad come to mean having many casual partners?

I don’t like the word slut, I don’t use the word slut, that word is not in my vernacular. If a woman has many casual partners, it is none of my business. I have absolutely no problem with what women do with their bodies in their private lives. Women should feel free as men do to sleep with whomever they want to as long as it’s consensual and with out being labeled a slut. That would be equality. (A girl can dream).The trendy term “slut shaming” is inadvertently calling scantily dressed women “sluts”. We should all stop using it.

My problem with this song and the video is the conflicting message it’s sending to our impressionable young girls and boys.

How are the lyrics “give him what he asks for “ empowering to women? How? How is spreading your bottom apart and singing “give him what he asks for ” empowering at all?

JLo and Iggy may feel empowered by their bodies and that’s fine, their bodies ARE powerful, beautiful and life giving. But they are so much more than just their bodies. They may feel that using their bodies is the only currency they have in order to stay popular and on the top. It has become a contest of who gets the most hits on youtube and vevo and who can take it the furthest, not about the quality of their songs and the messages they are sending. And why? To make lots of money and to line the pockets of the big machines, regardless of who that affects.

I want my daughter to grow up knowing that she is more than just the sum of her “body parts”. I want her to feel valued for her brains before her body.

I want my son to grow up respecting women on all levels. Especially their brains, opinions and ideas. I don’t want my son to see women as walking butts and tits, but to see women as equal humans.

This is a conflicting and confusing time in culture. I think about these things a lot. I worry for future generations about where we are headed as a society. There is so much to discuss and talk about and I invite the conversation because it is an important one.

There are many cans to be opened and not everyone likes worms. We have yet to define the parameters and boundaries and it’s hard to do so but we should all feel free to speak up with out feeling like we are going to be attacked, condemned, called crazy, told we are slut shaming, body shaming or girl hating for our opinions.

This notion that I can’t have an opinion or disagree with what someone is doing or saying is ludicrous. Especially when I feel it could impact women, men and children in a negative way. I am far from perfect and I have made many mistakes trying to find my way – but I will continue to stand up for what I believe in and to make this world a better place for all children, women and men.

And Kayla, if you want to twerk your life away naked on a website, feel free, it’s your life. But just know I might think you could do so much more……and that’s okay, right ?

Brody Dalle

p.s – Wendy O was destroying female stereotypes in a time when it really fucking mattered, when it was probably scary for her to do so. She was brave, strong and unapologetic. I respect her very much.”

Frances Bean Cobain Speaks Out About Lana Del Rey “Death” Quote


Lana Del Rey might have been backtracking a statement that she made in an interview a few weeks ago, but someone else has spoken out against her romanticized version of death; Frances Bean Cobain.

In her interview with The Guardian, you know the one where she said she wished she was “already dead,” she reportedly was intrigued by the glamour of Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain dying young. Now, Cobain’s daughter is speaking out about it, understandably hitting a cord with the late-rock star’s offspring.

Yesterday evening, Cobain took to Twitter to give Del Rey a little advice about her supposed obsession with the glamour of dying young and her so-called desire to be dead already.

Most of Del Rey’s fans took the tweeting in stride, but like anything, there’s always one person that needs to be special and took offense to Cobain’s tweet about the songstress. Instead of going into a full Twitter war against the “offended” person, Cobain just explained (in 140 characters) how much of a talented artist Del Rey is, and that kind of talent should not be wasted like that.

Bad Religion Guitarist Leaves Band


Longtime Bad Religion guitarist, Greg Heston has left the band. The news which came out of nowhere was revealed a few days ago. 

The guitarist took to Twitter to confirm that he has departed the band that he had been in for the past 29 years.

On the social media site, Heston wrote a simple confirmation which read: “As some people noticed I have left @badreligion. Thanks to everyone for the 29 plus years of support. Stay tuned here and Instagram for updates.”

Judging from the context of the message, it was apparent that people were beginning to wonder what happened to him and this was just a confirmation to something that fans might have already been suspicious about.

As of now, there has been no more information as to why, after such a longtime in the punk group, Heston had decided to leave, but like he said, keep an eye out on his social media accounts.