All Time Low and Man Overboard to Tour Together?


Well guys, it looks like All Time Low’s¬†Alex Gaskarth¬†just finished, discreetly, revealing that the rumors of All Time Low, Man Overboard, and Handguns going out on tour are in fact true. Take a gander at it here:




Could another tour featuring two more pop-punk bands be on the horizon? If the evidence is true, then the answer might just be yes.

Rumors started to circulate that All Time Low might be heading out on tour with Man Overboard sometime this year. When the rumor had originally started, there was no evidence to prove that it was in fact true; all we had were the high hopes and wishes on behalf of both groups of fans.

According PopPunkWorld, Ticketfly had posted an Arizona tour date which featured not only All Time Low and Man Overboard, but Handguns too, giving those hoping for this tour, some kind of verification . While the page was quickly removed from Ticketfly (we tried to look for it to no avail), the music news site was able to quickly grab a screenshot of the webpage as proof.

Screenshot can be seen here:


As per the screenshot, tickets are scheduled to go on sale starting on January 24, so we might have to wait until then to get some answers. Since All Time Low currently has nothing scheduled past their European tour which ends on March 21, it seems like it can be highly likely.