Two New Ryan Adams Tracks Unveiled

Ryan Adams

Last week, Ryan Adams revealed two new songs at a concert in London and now, thanks to fans and all their technological equipment, fan-recorded audio from the actual performance has appeared at the Ryan Adams Archive. While the tracks don’t exactly have the best audio, fans can at least take pride in knowing that two new tracks are currently floating around.

The tracks are titled “This Is Where We Meet in My Mind,” which is more mellow and mournful while “In the Shadows,” is more bluesy. But don’t take anyone’s word on it, you can head on over to the Ryan Adams Archive and download both songs and give them a listen through.

While the songs have officially been released on the fans, there is no definite proof that either track will make it to the album that Adams supposedly has on the way.

Adams’ last album, Ashes  & Fire, was released back in 2011.