Jack White Makes Record-Making History


Jack White had a plan to break a world record during Record Store Day and he managed to do just what he set out to. 

White began the day by performing a couple of songs including the titled track from his upcoming new record, Lazaretto (due out June 10) and within four hours, the recording had been available on a limited number of vinyls.

Though he does refer to the accomplishment as the “world’s fastest released record,” White admitted that he isn’t even sure if that world record is even record in the Guinness World Record. The attempt had been tried before and record. The title is currently held by accordion-toting polka trio Vollgas Kompanie, who issued their album Live on August 16th, one day after they recorded it in their home country of Switzerland. 

After the performance had been recorded, the masters were rushed to United Record Pressing also located in Nashville, to immediately began pressing the 45s. The pictures that adorn the sleeves of the record are those that were taken during the intimate, early morning show. After the 3 hours, 55 minute and 21 second wait, the records were escorted back to Third Man Records where eager fans were able to purchase it, quite literally off the presses.

According to White’s spokesperson, a recap video of yesterday’s achievement will be available later on today for those unfortunate people who weren’t able to see history or at least a world record, be made. For now, you can head on over to Third Man’s Instagram and check out the picture that chronicled the record-breaking achievement. 

Jack White to Release Second Solo Album


Jack White has a busy summer ahead of him including many festival,s but it looks like that isn’t the only thing he has planned. Today, it was revealed that the former White Stripes frontman will be releasing his second solo album later this year.

The album will be titled Lazaretto and is set to be released on June 10th through Columbia Records and White’s own record label, Third Man Records. The first official single from the upcoming record won’t be released for a little, but that hasn’t stopped White from releasing an instrumental song titled “High Ball Stepper.”

Third Man Records has revealed its plan to release the album as part of its Vault Subscription which will feature a package of lots of bonus stuff such as Lazaretto EP on blue and white split-color vinyl, a fold out poster, a 7-inch demo version of two of the songs on the album and a few more objects. For those interested, the package is “Vault Package #20.”

If that sounds like something you’d like, the last day to sign up for it will be April 30 at midnight.

Check out “High Ball Stepper” here and hopefully it will hold you over until the lead single is released.

Jack White Does Loretta Lynn


Record Store Day might have been this past Saturday, but that doesn’t mean that the fun of finding cool new music is over.

Yesterday, Record Store Day Ambassador, Jack White’s contribution had made its way to the internet. The White Stripes frontman released a cover of Loretta Lynn’s 1970 country hit song, “Coal Miner’s Daughter.” It might not be that much of a stretch that White chose to cover Lynn since he talks about how much he admires her and even helped produce her 2004 album, Van Lear Rose. 

On his Third Man blog, the frontman notes that he covered the song “so you can hear the warm analog fidelity that radiates out of this booth,” which will “soon be a permanent fixture in [Third Man’s] Novelties Lounge.”

Who’s ready to go visit Third Man Records in Nashville? I’m down.

Check out White’s cover below.