Watch Ed Sheeran Show Off His Ballroom Dancing Skills


Ed Sheeran already won the hearts of many girls (and maybe some guys) by playing the guitar and singing songs, but now the British musician can add dancing to that list.

In his new music video for “Thinking Out Loud,” the redheaded musician shows that he has the moves on the floor, but not just any moves, ballroom dancing moves. For those not familiar with ballroom dancing, it’s not just the run of the mill dancing; just check out an episode of Dancing with the Stars if you don’t believe us.

Check out the video below as the normally dressed down singer classes it up and hits the dance floor with his partner.

“Thinking Out Loud” is Sheeran’s third single from his recently released album, X. Not too shabby for a song that was released as a “grat” track and was used solely as a promotional single.

Ed Sheeran Debuts “Thinking Out Loud” on Jools Holland


A few days after giving us a really weird music video for his lead single, “Sing” featuring Pharrell and Anti-Ed, the puppet, Ed Sheeran has followed it up by releasing another new track from his upcoming new album, X.

The song is titled “Thinking Out Loud” and made its debut in a live performance on a BBC 2 program, The Jools Holland Show. Following the performance the video was released which also doubled as a lyric video. 

“Playing a brand new never before heard song on jools tonight in 30 minutes on BBC2. It’s my favourite track on the album x,” Ed admitted to fans on Twitter right before performing the track. 

The full performance can been seen below. 

“Thinking Out Loud” marks the third song from the forthcoming album to be revealed. “Sing” was the first since it is the lead single, the ex-lover-dissing track “Don’t” made its debut on Saturday Night Live earlier this month and now this one. X is set to be released on June 23, but we can bet some other tracks will be revealed before the full album hits the shelves.