There for Tomorrow Call It a Day


It’s been about a month since There for Tomorrow released their latest EP, Nightscape, but the band have announced some sad news; they are splitting up.

In a post on Facebook to fans, the band reveal that have decided to call it a day on the band. In the message, they reveal how they took a break from music to try to find themselves, individually, and managed to realize they had been pigeon-holed and put into a spit they never thought would happen.

But, that’s doesn’t mean the band’s goodbye will be the letter they posted to their “friends and family.” The band have decided to say goodbye the only way they know how with two final shows in their hometown of Orlando next month. All information can be found on their Facebook page while the full letter can be read below.

“Dear TFT Fans, Friends & Family,

It’s been no mystery that we’ve made a conscious effort to take time off from traveling since the end of 2012. It was essential for us to come home & take time to find ourselves as individuals. When this all started, we set out on a mission as mere kids. We reached a point at the end of 2012 where we found ourselves feeling a bit trapped creatively, pigeon-holed & painted into a corner that we never anticipated to be in. This band & the music we’ve made over the past decade has never been compromised or forced. It has bonded us with so many thousands of die-hard passionate music lovers that we are so lucky to call fans. It has landed us opportunities to work hand-in-hand with world class talent. The experiences we’ve been so fortunate to have with taking our music around the world has opened so many doors for us as people & for our careers. 

It is now the time in our lives that we must go on & discover these new doors that have opened for each of us. The legacy of There For Tomorrow & the message we always wanted to portray will undoubtedly live with us all forever. There is so much to come in the future for all of us & for us as eager people, we have to explore. There’s no telling what might happen down the road, but for now we created the new ‘Nightscape EP’ as an ode to all of our caring friends & followers. It’s another piece of the puzzle that will last a lifetime. 

We chose to play 2 last shows in our hometown Orlando, the birthplace of TFT next month. If it is within reason, please make an effort to come out so we can thank you personally. We dearly love & cherish all of you who have poured time into what we’ve done since we were little bowl-cut headed Orlando boys. No heavy hearts, no weary minds, just celebration!

December 19th • 
December 20th •

With all the love,

Maika Maile, Jay Enriquez, Christian Climer & Chris Kamrada”

Stream There For Tomorrow’s ‘Nightscape’


About two weeks ago, There for Tomorrow announced plans to release a new album at the end of the month. Instead of it being a full-fledged studio album, the band decided to go ahead and record an EP of only six tracks, two which had previously been released.

Now, with less than 12 hours until the digital EP is officially released, the band are giving fans the chance to listen to the record in full. Instead of sticking to the pop-punk sound we’ve been accustom to, their sound seems to have matured since the days of A Little Faster, though we do still listen to that album on repeat all the time.

Check out Nightscape below.

When asked about the direction of the album by the Huffington Post, who kind of began streaming the new record on their site first, vocalist and guitarist Maika Maile said, “We had been touring off ‘The Verge’ for about a year and a half and we just felt like we were stuck in this cycle: you make a record, then you tour on it for two years, and then do it again four times in a row.”

“We kind of hit a wall creatively, and just to be dead honest, the moral was down. We were stuck in this box that we always wanted to transcend, all the boundaries and pigeonholes that we had set for ourselves and that others had set for us. We just needed a break.”

And it looks like that break certainly paid off because the new record is just about to be released. Nightscape, which was independently released, was mainly written and recorded by written and recorded by Maile and drummer, Chris Kamrada.

There For Tomorrow to Release New EP


Three years after releasing their last album, The Verge, There for Tomorrow have announced plans to drop a new EP. The new record will be titled Nightscape. Nightscape will feature six new songs though two tracks have previously been unveiled. The first song was “Dark Purple Sky” and reviews noticed how it resembled Thirty Seconds to Mars. The second song to be released from the EP was “Racing Blood.”

Check out the band’s trailer for the record below which seems more whimsical than past music videos that the band had released.

Nightscape will be released digitally on Oct. 21 and iTunes pre-orders began this past Monday, Oct. 13. The full track list for the EP can be seen here.


1. Nightscape
2. Lady In Black
3. Dark Purple Sky
4. Racing Blood
5. Breathe Easy
6. Tomb