Watch Fall Out Boy’s Complete ‘Youngblood Chronicles’

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After a year and a half of music videos and singles being released from their “comeback” record, Save Rock and Roll, Fall Out Boy finally completed The Youngblood Chronicles and aired the full thing at Palladia and VH1 for those who were not able to make it.

Until now, the music videos which eventually became a short film, had been nothing but separate clips leaving the connection to the fans’ imagination, but now, like the group promised, the full video has been released.

Instead of going on about the story line of the movie, even though, if you’ve been keeping up, you know exactly what’s going on, you can now watch the full thing below. So, get some popcorn and a buddy and check out The Youngblood Chronicles. Also, don’t feel ashamed at singing at the top of your lungs for all the track, especially during “The Phoenix.”

Fall Out Boy Conclude ‘The Youngblood Chronicles’


After a year and a half of music videos being released in what has become the Youngblood Chronicles, Fall Out Boy have finally released the final videos missing to conclude the story including what was in the god-forsaken briefcase that has puzzled us all.

This past Wednesday, the band premiered the full Youngblood Chronicles via Palladia which turned all the short music videos into one cinematic film. The missing videos at that point were the tenth music video”Miss Missing You” and the concluding video, “Save Rock and Roll” which featured a small cameo from Sir Elton John, because, you know he does sing on the song.

According to the band, a DVD of the “film” is currently in the works which would be really cool to add to you Fall Out Boy collection, you know if your inner teenaged self still does that.

Anyway, check out the remaining videos here and if you still haven’t caught up, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered.

Conclusion: “Save Rock and Roll”

Part 10: “Miss Missing You”

Part 8: “Rat-a-Tat”

Part 8: “Death Valley”

Part 7: “Where Did the Party Go?”

Part 6: “Just One More Yesterday”

Part 5: “The Might Fall”

Part 4: “Alone Together”

Part 3: “Young Volcanoes”

Part 2: “The Phoenix”

Part 1: “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light ‘Em Up)”

Fall Out Boy Release “Rat A Tat” Music Video

Fall Out Boy Visits fuse

Fall Out Boy released the trailer to their new music video for “Rat A Tat” yesterday afternoon, letting fans know that the official video will debut today.

The ninth installation of their Youngblood Chronicles begins with some random scene flashing on an old television eventually leading to Courtney Love preaching through a blow horn to a room full of women who are all chanting, “Rat-A-Tat” and apparently hate music by the way they’re destroying instruments. The mad women go on to capture frontman Patrick Stump and have him connected to an electric chair, forcing him to watch a set of random scenes.

What exactly did these four guys do to piss these women off?

As of now, there are only two songs remaining from 2013’s Save Rock and Roll before the short film-like video comes to a close which they began over a year ago. Who’s betting the final video will debut once their “Monumetour” with Paramore finishes at the end of the Summer?

If you need to catch up with the story, head on over to Fall Out Boy’s YouTube page for all the videos from The Youngblood Chronicles.

Fall Out Boy Drop Teaser for New ‘Youngblood’ Video

Fall Out Boy Visits fuse

Fall Out Boy have announced that their newest addition to the Youngblood Chronicles music videos will be “Rat A Tat” which features Courtney Love on the track. The video, which will also feature the Hole frontwoman, is scheduled to be released tomorrow, March 6.

The band have released a 26-second teaser for the music video which features a montage of scenes from the upcoming installation of the series. Love makes her appearance with a blow horn while Fall Out Boy frontman, Patrick Stump is connected to an electric chair, some sketchy exchange going on in an alley way and a chick licking a windshield.

Yes, we are as confused, but considering all the previous videos for the series, we shouldn’t be at least surprised.

Rolling Stone got the opportunity to hang out behind-the-scenes of the video shoot and have some picture from the “Making of the Video” which can be viewed over on their site. Watch the teaser below and don’t forget to check in tomorrow on Fall Out Boy’s Twitter to see the full video.

Fall Out Boy Release New Video

The group Fall Out Boy poses at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards in New York

Put on your war paint, Youngbloods because the chronicles continue!

Following their previous three singles and movie like music videos for them, Fall Out Boy have released the video for “Alone Together” which continues their Youngblood Chronicles.

The chronicles part 1-3 can be seen below and then you can check out part four, just in case you haven’t been keeping up with the story.


Youngblood Chronicles Part I-III:

Youngblood Chronicles Part IV