Katy Perry Releases Another Cryptic Video


Two weeks ago, Katy Perry announced that she would be releasing her new album Prism in October in the form of a gold 18-wheeler making its rounds on the streets of Los Angeles. When the pop star was asked about the name, she confirmed that not only would the truck be making stops in different cities around the US, but that the new album would in fact be named Prism. 

The first single off the album was rumored to be called “Roar” and that was also confirmed but int he form of a video that Perry posted on her Twitter showing her burn the famous electric blue wig. Also playing into the death of the Candy-fornia Katy Perry is a new video which shows her standing around, smirking as fans mourn her “California Gurls” personal.

For now you can check out the “Roar” confirmation video as well as “The Third Coming” below:

The Third Coming:

Burning Baby Blue: