Ice Nine Kills channel ‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ for ‘Savages’ lyric video

Halloween is right around the corner, which means Ice Nine Kills is getting ready to make their annual spooky way across the country. But before they can take their favorite horror film characters on the road, the band has unleashed the lyric video for their latest single.

On Tuesday (Sept. 10), the Massachusetts-founded band unleashed the lyric video for their latest single “Savages.” Taking visual inspiration from the slasher film that inspired the lyrics (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre), the look of the video is very similar to that of the 1974 movie. The clip includes footage of Ice Nine Kills performing for a packed house as well as footage that looks like it came from the “based on a true story” thriller flick.

Watch the video for “Savages” above.

“Savages” is featured on Ice Nine Kills horror film-inspired album The Silver Scream. The record, the act’s fifth full-length album, was released on October 2018. Late last month, the band announced plans to release a deluxe version of the record. The reworked album will feature all 13 previously released tracks as well as a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and a song inspired by the 1996 slasher flick Scream.

In support of the re-released work, Ice Nine Kills previously announced a set of fall tour dates. The “Octane Accelerator” tour begins on Oct. 29 at the House of Blues in Cleveland and concludes a little over a month later on Dec. 1 at Webster Hall in New York.

Supporting acts include Fit for a King, Light the Torch, Make Them Suffer, and Awake At Last.


Oct. 29 – Cleveland, OH @ House Of Blues
Nov. 2 – Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave Club
Nov. 3 – Minneapolis, MN @ Varsity Theater
Nov. 5 – Dever, CO @ Summit Music Hall
Nov. 6 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Depot
Nov. 8 – Las Vegas, NV @ Brooklyn Bowl
Nov. 9 – Los Angeles, CA @ Belasco Theater
Nov. 10 – Phoenix, AZ @ The Van Buren
Nov. 12 – Dallas, TX @ House of Blues
Nov. 14 – San Antonio, TX @ Aztec Theater
Nov. 16 – Pensacola, FL @ Vinyl Music Hall
Nov. 17 – Tampa, FL @ Ritz Ybor
Nov. 18 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Revolution
Nov.20 – Atlanta, GA @ Buckhead Theater
Nov.21 – Charlotte, NC @ The Underground
Nov.22 – Baltimore, MD @ Baltimore Soundstage
Nov.23 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Roxian Theater
Nov.25 – Philadelphia, PA @ Theater Of Living Arts
Nov.26 – Detroit, MI @ At. Andrews Hall
Nov.27 – Chicago, IL @ House Of Blues
Nov.30 – Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
Dec. 1 – New York, NY @ Webster Hall

Watch: Ice Nine Kills channel ‘The Crow’ in ‘A Grave Mistake’

Several days after unleashing the third single off their upcoming fifth studio album, Ice Nine Kills have returned with yet another horror film-inspired music video. On Thursday (Sept. 20), the Massachusetts-founded band unleashed the eight-and-a-half-minute clip for their new song “A Grave Mistake.”

Like with the past two videos, the clip begins with frontman Spencer Charnas’ psychiatrist convinced that the singer is in fact a serial killer. Instead of taking place inside the doctor’s office, this video finds the shrink sitting inside of his car stalking Charnas as he goes about his life. While the doctor lurks in the dark, audio of his sessions with Charnas are heard in the background.

Like during the previous session, Charnas is heard explaining that his dreams have once again changed. This time, his late-night delusions revolve around him and his fiancée getting murdered the night before their wedding; a direct reference to 1994’s cult classic “The Crow.”

Following a confrontation with Charnas, the doctor does not relent trailing the singer to a local bar. While the doctor thinks he’s succeeding in going undercover, Charnas is onto him. At the bar, the singer meets up with a guy who trades him the some drugs in exchange for the pinched prescription scripts from the “Thank God It’s Friday” music video.

In order to lure the psychiatrist away and slip him the drugs, Charnas makes a call pretending to be the editor of a major medical magazine. As the shrink goes outside to take the call, it gives Charnas ample time to drug his drink.

When the doctor returns, he takes a sip of his drink, completely unaware of what was just added to it. As the drug begins to take an effect, the doctor begins to have a lucid dream that turns him into the viewer watching Ice Nine Kills’ version of ‘The Crow.”

As with the previous clips, Charnas takes the role of the film’s protagonist which in this case is Brandon Lee’s Eric Draven. The viewer watches as he recreates some of the iconic scenes from the film including crawling out of the grave, beating up the bad guys to save an endangered woman, and of course the face painting scene.

Watch the music video for “A Grave Mistake” above.

“A Grave Mistake” will join previously released tracks “Thank God It’s Friday” (inspired by “Friday the 13th”) and “The American Nightmare” (inspired by “A Nightmare on Elm Street”) on the group’s forthcoming album, The Silver Scream. The impending release is due out Oct. 5 through Fearless Records. In support of the album’s release, the group previously announced plans to embark on a short, album release tour. The short excursion will begin on Oct. 1 in Pasadena at Michael Myers’ House (where else?) and conclude on Oct. 27 in Santa Rose at the house from “Scream.” Those tour dates and tickets can be found here.

After wrapping up the short album release tour, Ice Nine Kills will join Atreyu on their own fall tour. That excursion will begin on Nov. 9 at the Van Buren in Phoenix and conclude over a month later on Dec. 13 at the House of Blues in Anaheim. Those tour stops can be found here.

Listen: Ice Nine Kills pay homage to ‘The Crow’ in new single

A month or so after taking fans on a visual trip to their own version of Camp Crystal Lake for “Thank God It’s Friday,” Ice Nine Kills have returned with yet another new song from their much-anticipated new studio album. On Friday (Sept. 14), the Massachusetts-founded group debuted “A Grave Mistake”; the third single from their impending record, The Silver Scream. The new song made its worldwide premiere on Sirius XM’s hard rock station Octane.

Instead of the hard-rock-hitting tunes that were previously released, “A Grave Mistake” seems to go in a different direction as a mellower song (at least by Ice Nine Kills standards). Some fans have even compared this tune to the group’s song “Star-Crossed Enemies” from 2015’s Every Trick in the Book.

“A Grave Mistake” was reportedly inspired by the 1994 cult classic The Crow which starred Brandon Lee in his final role; the actor died during the filming of the movie when a stunt with a gun went horribly wrong. Listen to “A Grave Mistake” above.

“A Grave Mistake” will join previously released track “Thank God It’s Friday” and lead single “The American Nightmare” on Ice Nine Kills’ fifth studio album. The Silver Scream is due out Oct. 5 through Fearless Records.

In support of the new record’s release, the band was confirmed as one of the many bands set to open for Atreyu on their upcoming fall tour. The excursion will find the four-piece joining the California-founded band on the road throughout the months of November and December.

The forthcoming tour will will begin on Nov. 9 at the Van Buren in Phoenix and conclude over a month later on Dec. 13 at the House of Blues in Anaheim. Memphis May Fire and Sleep Signals will join Ice Nine Kills as Atreyu’s opening acts during the month-long tour. The full list of upcoming tour stops can be found here.

Ice Nine Kills bring ‘Friday the 13th’ to life in ‘Thank God It’s Friday’

When Ice Nine Kills said they were going to release a brand new music video on Friday the 13th, it was easy for fans to assume that the new clip would be highly influenced by the horror film franchise. Well, fans were not disappointed when the group took them to Camp Crystal Lake in the almost-ten-minute clip. On Friday (July 13), the Massachusetts-founded band debuted the music video for their latest single, “Thank God It’s Friday.”

The newly released clip picks up a short time after the video for “The American Nightmare.” The clip begins with a live news broadcast on a television screen. The reporter stands in front of what appears to be a sleep-away camp as he tell the harrowing details surrounding the death of seven camp counselors at a Texas camp.

The footage shifts from the screen to the inside of frontman Spencer Charnas’s psychiatrist’s office where the musician sits for his second session. Coincidentally (or maybe not), the singer recaps for the doctor what he and his band mates were up to while in San Antonio (trying to pee on the Alamo alla Ozzy, apparently).

Charnas continues to tell the shrink that his nightmares had returned once the band began touring again. When the psychiatrist asks whether it’s the same dream, Charnas tell him that everything had changed. To begin, he and his band mates were now in the dreams. Secondly, the nightmares now include both the psychiatrist’s receptionist and his colleague. Thirdly, the whole setting had changed from a small town to a camp where everyone is a camp counselor.

Charnas describes the nightmare to the shrink, making sure to include how it always begins with him hearing the voices of dead counselors from the past warning them that death is coming. As the band begins to play the new tune in the middle of a dark forest, the viewer watches as they recreate Friday the 13th.

The video is filled with nods to the horror film including their version of Camp Crystal Lake, people getting easily murdered, half-naked co-eds running in the woods, and no-so-happy ending for most of the camp counselors. Oh yeah, and you cannot forget the Pamela Voorhees voice over where she accuses the counselors of being the reason her son is dead.

Once the performance portion of the video ends, the viewer watches as Charnas’ shrink tries to get to the root of the nightmares. Charnas, for his part, tries to avoid going deeper by citing that the hour is almost over. While Charnas disappears at the end of his session, his psychiatrist still insistently tells his colleague that he thinks his patient is a serial killer. Little does he know, Charnas is spying on him from across the street. Talk about creepy.

Watch the music video for “Thank God It’s Friday” above.

“Thank God It’s Friday” will join “The American Nightmare” on Ice Nine Kills’ upcoming new album, The Silver Scream. The new album, the band’s fifth studio record, is set to be released on Oct. 5 through Fearless Records. Pre-orders for the album are currently available here.

In support of the new songs, the four-piece is currently on the final Vans Warped Tour. Those tour dates can be found here.

Ice Nine Kills channel Freddie Kruger for ‘The American Nightmare’ music video

Ice Nine Kills have not been shy about making their music videos as cinematic as they can get; just take a look at the video for “The Fastest Way to a Girl’s Heart is Through Her Ribcage” or anything from Every Trick in the Book. On Thursday (June 28), the Massachusetts-founded band returned with their A Nightmare on Elm Street-inspired music video for “The American Nightmare.” Just like the trailer the band released earlier in the week, the clip begins with frontman Spencer Charnas visiting a psychiatrist after his former shrink conveniently drops him by email.

As the video continues, Charnas explains how he has been suffering from nightmares where a teenager, who happens to look like the psychiatrist’s receptionist, is being followed by an evil entity while teenagers in her town are dying. As the band performs, the new tune, the clip switches between the quartet performing the song and the teenager being followed by a shadowy figure that looks a lot like Freddie Kruger.

The clip concludes with a black screen and the words “The Nightmare Continues Friday, July 13th, 2018” displayed across it. Since the band has already confirmed in interviews that the new record will be inspired by horror films, it’s safe to assume that the next song will be inspired by Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise.

Check out the music video for “The American Nightmare” above.

“The American Nightmare” will be featured on Ice Nine Kills’ forthcoming album, The Silver Scream. The new album, the band’s fifth studio record, is set to be released on Oct. 5 through Fearless Records. Pre-orders for the album are currently available here.

In support of the new songs, the four-piece is currently on the final Vans Warped Tour. Those tour dates can be found here.

Listen: Ice Nine Kills drop ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ inspired song

Ice Nine Kills fans have been patiently waiting for new music from the band for a while, but now, it looks like things are about to change. On Tuesday (June 19), the Massachusetts-founded band announced the upcoming release of their fifth studio album. Titled The Silver Scream, the new record is due out Oct. 5 through Fearless Records.

Taking to social media, the group posted the forthcoming album news while also letting fans know that there will be a lot more to the new set of tunes. “The Silver Scream is going to be MORE than just an album,” the band wrote on Twitter.

Within 24 hours of the band’s announcement, fans were already beginning to pass along theories about what this record’s theme might be. Most fans came to the conclusion that The Silver Scream will be highly influenced by horror films, hence its name. Taking inspiration from horror films for the new album is not much of a stretch for the four-piece; their last record was influenced by literature.

In conjunction with the new album announcement, the band also unleashed the new record’s lead single, “The American Nightmare.” If fan speculations are correct, then it would appear that the newly released song is influenced by Wes Craven’s “A Nightmare on Elm Street”; just take a look at the single’s artwork which features Freddy Krueger’s iconic red and green stripped sweater.

Listen to “The American Nightmare” above.

The Silver Scream will be the follow-up to 2015’s Every Trick in the Book.

In support of the new album, the band will embark on the final Vans Warped Tour this summer.

This trek will also mark the band’s first tour without longtime drummer, Conor Sullivan. Earlier this week, the band announced Sullivan’s departure. Filling in Sullivan’s vacancy will be former Affiance member, Patrick Galante.