Eminem Releases His Inner “Monster” in New Video


This past weekend, a teaser for Eminem’s new single “The Monster” which features Rihanna was released giving fans a taste of what to expect in the video.

The teaser only truly gave us the information that the rapper is in the middle of having a therapy session with a therapist who is played by Rihanna. Rihanna places a tape into the television which reveals three words that probably mean a lot to the rapper.

The words included “violence” which we know is something he went through. “Family” which is something very important to him, hence the snippet of video showing his youngest daughter. And then there’s the word, “addiction” which he recently revealed he fought through.

During the weekend, there was no definite date as to when the video would premiere, but it looks like we didn’t need to look any further than today, because it has been released.

Check out the video, which comes in at over five minutes, here.

PS, the video says explicit so, that’s our disclaimer.

Teaser for Eminem’s “Monster” Released


Eminem’s second collaboration with Rihanna has already reached the top of the music charts and now a teaser for the official music video has been released.

The short video begins with a black-clad woman entering a room and placing a VHS in a VCR (yes, those still do exist) to show the rapper, who is seated in a chair a video. The video goes on to show the word “violence” first with clips of violence. It then proceeds to reveal the word “family” which shows other images including a clip of Eminem holding his youngest daughter Hailie. And lastly, the word “addiction” comes on the screen showing images of prescription pills. All three words, of course meaning something to Eminem.

The woman dressed in black is later revealed to be Rihanna who will probably play the role of the rapper’s therapist in the video when it is officially release. While none of the actual song is played during the minute-long clip, it does leave some wanting more, doing its job of being a teaser.

No word has been given as to when the actual video will be released, so keep your eyes on the net for that.

Check out the video below.