Watch ‘The March of the Juggalos’


The FBI might have qualified Juggalos as a gang last year and their annual mecca for The Gathering of the Juggalos might have kicked them out, but that’s not stopping those hardcore Insane Clown Posse fans from getting together and doing what they do best.

In honor of the insane festival and its 15 years of existence, a mockumentary has been made about it, though it’s only a minute and a half. The best part of the Faygo-flavored-festival’s mockumetary? The fact that it’s voice by everyone’s favorite voice-over actor, Morgan Freeman, well kind of.

The film is set to Freeman’s narration from The March of the Penguins which completely works and gives a little bit of sophistication to the otherwise always NSFW festival.

The mockumentary is fittingly named The March of the Juggalos and can be seen below. Check it out and give yourself a little bit of a laugh on this “glorious” Wednesday afternoon.