Foo Fighters Tease Two New Songs in New Trailer


The Foo Fighters are set to be the house band on The Late Show with David Letterman this week as part of their promotion tour for their upcoming new album and docu-series on HBO, Sonic Highways.

During the weekend, the band released a new trailer for the upcoming special which follows the band across the country as they record their new record in eight different studios in eight different cities while also exploring the musical cultures with the musicians who call those places home.

In the trailer, the band also give fans a teaser for two new songs from the upcoming record. The tracks are titled, “The Feast and the Famine” and “Something for Nothing,” with the latter to be released on Thursday, Oct. 16 in full.

Sonic Highways the docu-series is set to premiere on the same day “Something for Nothing” will be released; this Thursday.

Their take over on Letterman begins today with not only a performance, but frontman Dave is set to be interviewed by the host. Guest musicians are also set to join the band throughout the week.

Sonic Highways, the album, will be released on Nov. 10 through Roswell Records, Grohl’s RCA imprint. Watch the new trailer for the eight-part docu-series here.

Foo Fighters to Play House Band for David Letterman


Just when you think the Foo Fighters have done everything in the world, you know release tons of album, perform as a band named “The Holy Shits,” and play a fan-funded show among other things, comes the news that they have been tapped to become the house band for David Letterman.

It was revealed earlier in the day that the Dave Grohl-led band would be taking up residency on The Late Show with David Letterman for an entire week, beginning next Monday, Oct. 13 through next Friday, Oct. 17. On the first day of their stint, Grohl will be interviewed by Letterman.

The residency will reportedly feature the band playing songs from their upcoming eight-track long new record, Sonic Highways.

The five days of playing house band is in support of the band’s HBO docu-series, Sonic Highways which is set to premiere on Oct. 17.

The eight-part docu-series follows the band as they write and record their new album in eight different cities including: Nashville, Austin, Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans, New York, Washington D.C., and Seattle. While in those eight cities, they also set out to explore how each of the regions influence the music and musicians that come from that region, some of them contributing to the band’s eight studio album.

During their residency, some of the musicians who helped with the recording process will be joining the Foo fighters on stage.

Sonic Highways the docu-series premieres on Oct. 17 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO while Sonic Highways the album will be released on Nov. 10 through Roswell/RCA Records.

Lenny Kravitz Covers the Beatles

Lenny Kravitz

With February marking the 50th anniversary since the Beatles made their debut in America, it is only fitting that artists from all different genres of music gather to honor one of the most iconic bands.

The Late Show With David Letterman has begun their own homage to the foursome by having the musical guest stars perform some of the Beatles tunes. Last night, Lenny Kravitz, for those of you that know him as an actor, yes Cinna from The Hunger Games films, took on “Get Back,” the closing track on Let It Be.

Kravitz’s performance marks the halfway mark on the homage weeks. On Monday, Broken Bells performed a synthy version of “And I Love Her” while on Tuesday, Sting performed a duet version of “Drive My Car” with neo-soul singer Ivy Levan. As for tonight, Sean Lennon and the Flaming Lips are set to perform “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” while rumor has it Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are due to appear on Friday night’s show to perform.