Dave Grohl to Release Collaboration with Zac Brown Band

Dave Grohl

We know that Dave Grohl can do just about anything he puts his mind to, and now he might have his eyes set on country music….well, kind of.

Before you start converting to the Church of Country, you might want to back track a second and listen to (okay fine, read) what we have to say. When the Foo Fighter frontman was  at the 2013 Country Music Awards earlier this month, he was seated right next to the Zac Brown Band. Turns out, it might have not been one of those publicity stunts that award shows like to pull; Grohl and the group are actually releasing a real EP in December.

The collaboration that they worked on, “Day of the Dead,” will be featured on The Grohl Sessions Vol. 1 due out on December 10 through iTunes. The song also happens to be the same one that they performed on the CMAs. But, like anything that Grohl does, there is more to come. It was also announced that a Vol. 2 is currently in the works and should be out some time in 2014 right alongside the physical release of Vol. 1.

While speaking with AP, Brown described just how the meeting occurred between the country singer and the iconic drummer. They met while Brown was waiting in line at John Varvatos’ Hollywood store to pick up altered clothing for the Grammys when they struck up a conversation over their mutual  love of analog recording gear. From then on, you can say it was history.

“I don’t know how I tricked him into working with us, but it’s really cool,” Brown said, about Grohl and his desire to work with them. But then again, Grohl is a die-hard music fan, and if you don’t believe it, just look at his resume.

Check out some of the footage from their session in the studio.