2015 Austin City Limits Music Festival Line-Up Leaks



Well, the official line-up for this year’s Austin City Limits Festival has been revealed and lets just confirm that the vast majority of the line-up that was leaked on Sunday evening were in fact scheduled to appear at the festival with the exception of the Foo fighters actually performing on both weekends.

Check out the newly confirmed first wave of acts. According to reports, the next waves will come our way in September.

Weekend One: Foo Fighters, The Strokes, Drake, The Weeknd, Disclosure, Tame Impala, Alabama Shakes, Alt-J, The Decemberists, Chance the Rapper, ASAP Rocky, Billy Idol, Run the Jewels, TV on the Radio, Brandon Flowers, Brand New, Father John Misty, Kurt Vile and the Violators, Gary Clark Jr., Royal Blood, Jose Gonzalez, and Daughter, along with deadmau5, Bassnectar, Hozier, and Of Monsters and Men.

Weekend Two: Foo Fighters, Drake, Florence and the Machine, The Weeknd, Disclosure, Tame Impala, Modest Mouse, Alt-J, The Decemberists, Chance the Rapper, ASAP Rocky, Billy Idol, Run the Jewels, TV on the Radio, Brandon Flowers, Brand New, Father John Misty, Kurt Vile and the Violators, Gary Clark Jr., Royal Blood, Jose Gonzalez, and Daughter, along with deadmau5, Bassnectar, Hozier, and Of Monsters and Men.

If Austin City Limits Music Festival was trying to keep their 2015 line-up a secret, then maybe they need to have a little conversation with their website person about letting the secret out of the bag two days before the official announcement was set to happen.

Last night (May 3), the line-up for both weekends of the music festival was leaked online, with the website’s link circulating the interweb. Quickly after the “mistake,” the post was taken down and now an “Oops, we’re not finding the page you’re looking for” message is appearing, but not before people took to the internet to spread the word and of course screen cap the information.

Sucks for them and their surprise, great for the people who were on the fence about going.

Weekend one will feature performances from: the Foo Fighters, The Strokes, Drake, The Weeknd, Disclosure, Tame Impala, Alabama Shakes, Alt-J, The Decemberists, Chance the Rapper, ASAP Rocky, Billy Idol, Run the Jewels, TV on the Radio, Brandon Flowers, Brand New, Father John Misty, Kurt Vile and the Violators, Gary Clark Jr., Royal Blood, Jose Gonzalez, and Daughter, along with deadmau5, Bassnectar, Hozier, and Of Monsters and Men.

Weekend two will have an almost exact line up except with a few changes. Instead of The Strokes, Modest Mouse will take their place and Florence and the Machine were added to the already packed line-up.

Check out the full (leaked) line-up below.



ACL 2015 weekend one will take place during Oct. 2-4 while weekend two will take place during the weekend of Oct. 9-11 at Zilker Park in Austin.

Foo Fighters Announce Special “Surprise” Show


When you’re a big rock star, how would you like to spend your birthday?

On an island? With your family?

How about performing for your fans?

Dave Grohl and the rest of the guys from the Foo Fighters will be doing just that this upcoming weekend to celebrate the frontman’s birthday.

The band revealed yesterday afternoon that they will be performing a “surprise” concert this Saturday to celebrate Grohl’s 46th birthday a couple of days early. The show is scheduled to happen on Saturday, Jan. 10 while Grohl’s actual birthday is Wednesday, Jan. 14.

According to a press release for the gig, the show will be performed “in-the-round’ style meaning the band will be performing in the middle of the audience, instead of up on a stage away from the crowd.

Tickets for the gig went up on sale yesterday at 7 p.m. and cost $50 each. Ten of the $50 from each ticket will be donated to three charities: the Rock School Scholarship Fund, MusiCares, and Sweet Relief.

While the show was just announced, we’re pretty sure that ticket are close to being sold out, if they aren’t already sold out.

This birthday “surprise” show is the band’s first official show of the new year. Next week, they will be heading to South America to begin their massive stadium tour.

Foo Fighters Release Two New Songs


Happy Foo Fighters Friday. Like the past few Fridays, the band have once again released another track from their upcoming album, Sonic Highways.

Unlike the past couple of weeks, two songs have made their debut this week. During an in-studio performance at BBC Radio 1, a new track titled “Outside”was performed live. The live performance was ripped from the radio and is now available for everyone to hear.

“Outside” was recorded at Rancho De la Luna in Joshua Tree, CA with the Eagles’ Joe Walsh playing guitar on the song. Next week’s episode of the HBO special will take place in Los Angeles which will probably give us the background information about the recording process of the track.

In addition to the reveal of “Outside,” the Foo fighters officially dropped another song titled “What Did I Do/ God As My Witness.” Following the trend that was started with the first episode of the Sonic Highways docu-series, “What Did I Do” was recorded in Austin, TX with Gary Clark Jr. Tonight’s episode of the eight-part series will follow the band as they arrive in Austin and record the song.

Listen to “What Did I Do/ God As My Witness” below.

Sonic Highways the album will officially, and finally, be release next Tuesday through Roswell/RCA.

Stream The Foo Fighters’ Washington D.C. Track


It’s finally Friday and the Foo fighters are celebrating by releasing another song from their upcoming new album, Sonic Highways.

The song “The Feast and the Famine” is the other tracks that was teased during the last trailer for the band’s HBO documentary also titled Sonic Highways; the other song that was featured in the trailer was “Something For Nothing” which was released last week.

The song will appear on tonight’s episode of the series which shows the band going to Washington, D.C. where the track was record.

Check out the “The Feast and the Famine” in full in the video below.

Sonic Highways continues tonight with the band visiting Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, VA with guest Bad Brains.

Sonic Highways, the album, will be released on Nov. 10 through Roswell Records, frontman Dave Grohl’s imprint from RCA.

The Foo Fighters Give Us “Something From Nothing”


After so much excitement and anticipation, the Foo Fighters have finally released the first single off of their upcoming eighth album, Sonic Highways.

Earlier in the week, as they began their job as house band on The Late Show with David Letterman, they revealed that their first single would be “Something From Nothing” and would debut the day before their eight part HBO docu-series, Sonic Highways,

Today, like we were promised, the band debuted the new song, though BBC Radio 1 got the exclusive premiere. Check out the song in full here.

Following the theme of their docu-series, recording eight new song in eight different “musical” cities, “Something From Nothing” was recorded in Chicago with the help of Steve Albini at his studio, Electrical Audio. Albini has history with frontman Dave Grohl; he produced Nirvana’s third and final studio album, In Utero.

Sonic Highways, the album will be released on Nov. 10 through Roswell Records, Grohl’s RCA imprint.

Foo Fighters Tease Two New Songs in New Trailer


The Foo Fighters are set to be the house band on The Late Show with David Letterman this week as part of their promotion tour for their upcoming new album and docu-series on HBO, Sonic Highways.

During the weekend, the band released a new trailer for the upcoming special which follows the band across the country as they record their new record in eight different studios in eight different cities while also exploring the musical cultures with the musicians who call those places home.

In the trailer, the band also give fans a teaser for two new songs from the upcoming record. The tracks are titled, “The Feast and the Famine” and “Something for Nothing,” with the latter to be released on Thursday, Oct. 16 in full.

Sonic Highways the docu-series is set to premiere on the same day “Something for Nothing” will be released; this Thursday.

Their take over on Letterman begins today with not only a performance, but frontman Dave is set to be interviewed by the host. Guest musicians are also set to join the band throughout the week.

Sonic Highways, the album, will be released on Nov. 10 through Roswell Records, Grohl’s RCA imprint. Watch the new trailer for the eight-part docu-series here.

Foo Fighters to Play House Band for David Letterman


Just when you think the Foo Fighters have done everything in the world, you know release tons of album, perform as a band named “The Holy Shits,” and play a fan-funded show among other things, comes the news that they have been tapped to become the house band for David Letterman.

It was revealed earlier in the day that the Dave Grohl-led band would be taking up residency on The Late Show with David Letterman for an entire week, beginning next Monday, Oct. 13 through next Friday, Oct. 17. On the first day of their stint, Grohl will be interviewed by Letterman.

The residency will reportedly feature the band playing songs from their upcoming eight-track long new record, Sonic Highways.

The five days of playing house band is in support of the band’s HBO docu-series, Sonic Highways which is set to premiere on Oct. 17.

The eight-part docu-series follows the band as they write and record their new album in eight different cities including: Nashville, Austin, Los Angeles, Chicago, New Orleans, New York, Washington D.C., and Seattle. While in those eight cities, they also set out to explore how each of the regions influence the music and musicians that come from that region, some of them contributing to the band’s eight studio album.

During their residency, some of the musicians who helped with the recording process will be joining the Foo fighters on stage.

Sonic Highways the docu-series premieres on Oct. 17 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO while Sonic Highways the album will be released on Nov. 10 through Roswell/RCA Records.

Jack White and Dave Grohl Release Statement About White’s Recent Rant


In case you have been asleep most of the day, you probably have heard about Jack White and his Boston rant last night against Rolling Stone. The former White Stripes frontman stopped himself and deemed the rant to be “Kanye West-esque.”

The rant, like you probably read took jabs at Rolling Stone and how they sold their musical soul to the paparazzi devil by posting such riveting article like “What Taylor Swift Wore” and even took a jab at the Foo Fighters and the fact that they have three guitarists.

Instead of getting into a word debate with White, the Foo Fighters took to their Twitter and posted a playful response to the word vomit with the caption, “Busted…behold, the secret of the Foo Fighters sound….”


Instead of letting this spin out of control and become a tabloid making headline (like it hadn’t already), both White and Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl have responded to the audio in a joint statement, well kind of; both White and Grohl actually have the same publicist.

What a way to keep it in the family.

Read the statement below and hear the audio after that.

“Dear dream-makers of the media….

Last night Jack White made a joke on stage!

There was a minor equipment mishap, specifically with his guitar, and in an effort to keep his audience engaged, he made a joke! It was meant to be funny and self deprecating: “hey sorry, you’re stuck with just me up here…” vs the Foo Fighters who have three guitar players on stage and regularly play stadium shows.

Jack has the upmost respect for the Foo Fighters and communicated with Grohl this morning.

So if you’ll let us, we’ll all continue with our day and we assure you: All is well in the rock n roll world.”

Do you think White was just being sarcastic or was it a case of narcissist douchebaggery? You be the judge of that and for the record, White was in Boston (like we said earlier), not Cleveland. When you listen to the audio, you’ll understand.

Foo Fighters Tease New Song Under Alias


If you happen to notice a band called The Holy Shits will be performing at a venue near you, you might want to go because there’s a chance that it might be the Foo Fighters performing under an alias.

That’s exactly what happened this past weekend to audience members who headed out to see the band without really knowing what to expect.

Over the past couple of weeks, rumors had been circulating that the Foo Fighters, by their actual name, would be performing some super secret shows in London. The rumors were confirmed to be true when The Holy Shits revealed themselves.

Surprise indeed.

During one of their stop at London’s Islington Assembly Hall, the band treated fans to an instrumental version of a never-before-heard track which turned out to be one of their new songs, “Outside.” The song was weaved into a rendition of 2007’s “The Pretender.”

Fan shot video from the show (and of the song) can been seen below.

“Outside” will be featured on the Foo Fighters’ upcoming eighth album, Sonic Highways due out Nov. 10. Sonic Highways will feature eight tracks which were recorded at eight different studios in eight different cities around the United States. Sonic Highways is also the name of the band’s eight-part documentary for HBO which chronicles the filming of the new record.

Foo Fighters Release First Trailer for HBO’s “Sonic Highways”


With the announcement that their eighth studio album would be named after their HBO documentary, the Foo Fighters have unveiled the first teaser for Sonic Highways, the almost a year in the making documentary.

In the video, frontman Dave Grohl’s voice over explains to the viewer where the idea of this journey began and it all had to do with the idea that the environment that you record in will directly affect the recording process. In order to prove his point, Grohl and the rest of the Foo Fighters, packed their bags and headed all over the country to test this theory out.

Check out the three and a half-minute clip (believe us, you’ll watch it several times) below and jot down all the famous people who made cameos in it.

Like the voice over at the end of the trailer, this documentary is “a love letter to the history of American music” and we can believe it when you have some of music’s biggest and iconic artists making cameos and speaking to you about what kind of music helped influence them.

Sonic Highways, the documentary, will premiere on October 17 at 10 p.m CT on HBO while Sonic Highways, the album is set to hit shelves on November 10.

Now, raise your hand if you got chills watching the trailer and can’t wait for the series to premiere.